B&B Best Lines Friday, May 3, 2019

Thomas and Hope 5/3/19 on Bold and Beautiful

Thomas: You’ve known it all along. That’s why you told Liam to go to Paris. To be with Steffy and these girls.

Hope: Well, I do want that for Kelly and Phoebe. Two parents in the same home, raising them together.

Thomas: And they can have it, too, a family. You can, too. You won’t be alone. You’ll have Douglas and me. We’ll heal together. This picture? It says it all. As do Douglas’ drawings.

Hope: What — what are you trying to say?

Thomas: Three little kids have a chance at something better than what they’ve got now if the adults in their lives could just figure out how to give them the families they need. They need to step up and do the right thing, like you did when you took off your ring and you told Liam to go be with Steffy. There’s a reason you did that. You knew it was best for those girls. It can still happen. The four of them could be together if you’re strong enough to let him go, and you can be because I’m here. Douglas and I are both here. You won’t be alone. You’ll never be alone again. You’ll have a child. A little boy who needs a mother.

Hope: I understand that you and Caroline had an agreement, you know, co-parenting Douglas without getting involved, but… I don’t think that’s something i could ever do.

Thomas: I’m not asking you to. We fell for each other once. We can again. There’s life after Liam. Let him go. Let him be with his daughters, with Steffy, where he belongs. We can move on, okay? We’ll move on together. . . .

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