B&B Best Lines Friday, May 24, 2019

Brooke and Hope The Bold and The Beautiful 5/2419

Brooke: Honey, you’ve got to stop thinking this way.

Hope: What way? Putting the children first, taking care of their needs?

Brooke: Breaking up your marriage isn’t taking care of the kids.

Hope: How could you say that? I would be giving Kelly and Phoebe their father.

Brooke: Liam isn’t Phoebe’s father.

Hope: Well, it’s as close to one as she can have. And if Steffy and Liam get back together, then…

Brooke: Liam is a fine father, as is. And he would be with the woman that he loves, the woman that he’s married to — you.

Hope: But it could be so much more.

Brooke: Oh, honey.

Hope: Mom! It is better for the girls if Liam is there full-time, and it’s — it’s not just better for them. It’s better for Douglas, too. You know, I — I would be more available if Liam went back to Steffy.

Brooke: And — and, what, you’d be in a loveless relationship with Thomas? That wouldn’t be good for Douglas! Not at all. Honey, you can still be there for Douglas. You can be a mother figure. You don’t have to sacrifice your marriage. Liam is the man that you are meant to be with, not Thomas.

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