B&B Best Lines, Wednesday May 29, 2019

Thomas and Hope on The Bold and The Beautiful 5/29/19

Thomas: I hope I’m not overstepping. Kissing you. Telling you I love you. But, I mean, my cards are on the table, so there’s no sense in being coy.

Hope: You can’t have expectations of me.

Thomas: I don’t. Not beyond what you can give me right now. Ending things with Liam, that was a huge step for you. And I know it has to hurt. But it’s how everything can shake out for the good of the kids. Liam with Steffy, Kelly, and Phoebe, and you, me, and Douglas.

Hope: Look, Thomas —

Thomas:  I know I’m getting ahead of you. But I have to believe that we’re gonna be in perfect sync one day. And I’ll do anything to make that happen. Ok everyone!

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