B&B Best Lines, Friday, June 21, 2019

Emma and Thomas on The Bold and The Beautiful June 21, 2019

Thomas: You’re not going to Hope with this.

Emma: I don’t understand you. If you cared about Hope at all, you —

Thomas: It’s because I care about her, okay? I am protecting her.

Emma: From getting her baby back?

Thomas: Protecting Hope, protecting Steffy, protecting that little girl, that innocent little girl. I mean, she — she’s living in a loving home. Do you think it’s okay to just take her from the only mother she’s ever known?

Emma: Think about what you’re saying. Yes, it will be shocking when people find out. It’ll be extremely painful, especially for Steffy. But there is no question that telling the truth is the right thing. How do you not go running to Hope the minute you found out? I can’t believe Zoe and Xander didn’t, either. What is wrong with you people?

Thomas: What’s wrong with us? Nothing. You’re the one with problems — serious problems — if you don’t shut up and do what you’re told.

Emma: Excuse me?

Thomas: Hope will never learn that her baby is alive — not from you and not from anyone.

Emma: You can’t stop me from telling her.

Thomas: Yes, I can. Don’t make me.

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