B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Zoe, Xander and Floon The Bold and The Beautiful June 25, 2019

Zoe: Thomas? You suspect Thomas of…? I can’t even say it.

Xander: Pam said he and Emma were arguing. It’s not hard to guess about what.

Zoe: Guessing isn’t knowing.

Flo: But you said that she she had just heard everything about Hope, and she was on her way to tell her everything.

Xander: And now she’s dead.

Zoe: Yeah, but maybe she swerved to miss something, or maybe she was just going way too fast.

Xander: Or…

Flo: Or there are other ways to scare drivers off the road.

Zoe: You’re buying this, too?

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