B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Xander, Flo and Zoe on The Bold and The Beautiful June 26, 2019

Justin: The police haven’t made an official ruling yet.

Flo: So, they don’t know what happened that night?

Justin: They found something at the crash site that might actually explain why we lost Emma so tragically.

Xander: The police found evidence at the scene?

Justin: Emma’s cellphone. Apparently, she was writing a text. She hadn’t sent it yet.

Flo: And it was still on her phone?

Justin: Police are uncertain. They can’t rule out that texting and driving may have been the cause of Emma’s crash. She was actually texting you, Hope.

Hope: Me?

Justin: She wanted you to know that she was on her way.

Hope: She was coming to see me?

Justin: She was almost there. Things would have been so different had she made it.

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