B&B Best Lines, Monday, July 1, 2019

Flo and Wyatt The Bold and The Beautiful 7/10/19

Flo: I’m gonna kind of miss having my mom around.

Wyatt: Yeah, but it was kind of abrupt, though, right? Like, the last thing I expected was your mom wanting to go back to Vegas so quickly.

Flo: Maybe you forget how impulsive she can be sometimes.

Wyatt: Yeah, and I’m sure my mom is bummed that her bff is leaving so soon after finding her again. I thought — I thought Shauna loved living large at the Forrester estate.

Flo: She did, but, you know, she, uh — she has her reasons.

Wyatt: Yeah? Like what? Um… is there something going on between you and Shauna that I don’t know about?

Flo: Oh, no. No, no, no, no. No. She just, um — she just wants to give me space to live my new life in this new city and not really, you know, dwell on the past. Plus, you know, even though she loved living with Quinn and Eric and had an amazing time, she — she missed Vegas a little bit. It’s home, you know?

Wyatt: No, I-I get that. But I’m just — I mean, I guess I’m just wondering if it’s a “like mother, like daughter” thing.

Flo: Oh. Yeah. Since you just asked me to move in, right?

Wyatt:  Yeah.

Flo: Well, I don’t, um… I don’t think so.

Wyatt: Don’t. Don’t you dare.

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