B&B Best Lines, Friday, July 12, 2019

Sally: See we have a little dinner date happening.

Flo: Yeah. I didn’t know that you were still in the office.

Sally: Well, I’m pretty much always here. No one to go home to except for my house plants, so, you know… cool! Well, in other news, I’m super-excited this isn’t awkward or anything. ¬†Well, I was just chatting with the payroll department about you, and it seems as though yours got returned. Something about the wrong address.

Flo: Oh. Yeah. You know, I was, um — I was still looking at the apartment when I was hired here, so I just guess I never updated that.

Sally: Hmm. Seems you’ve been moving around a lot lately, I hear. Well, you might want to, you know, sashay on down to payroll before Jenn leaves.

Flo: Right. I won’t be long. I’ll be right back.

Sally: Don’t worry. I will keep him company. You go sashay, and we will stay. You know what? This actually smells really good. I might take you up on your offer. Oh! Um, actually, Flo, can you stop by graphics on the way back? I just want to see if those charts are ready for my design meeting with Hope tomorrow.

Flo: Sure.

Sally: What?

Wyatt: You sure you don’t want to call out to Flo, maybe another errand, possibly something across town this time?

Sally: Can you blame a girl for wanting a moment alone with the one who got away?

Wyatt: Uh, please tell me you’re not taking this out on Flo.

Sally: Taking what out?

Wyatt: You being angry about our breakup.

Sally: Okay. Look, I’m sure Flo would’ve told you if I was ever out of line. She must tell you about her day at the office, you know, when you guys are…cuddled on the couch, drinking wine.

Wyatt: Sally, come on.

Sally: Mm. Who says I’m angry, anyway?

Wyatt: Sally, it’s okay if you’re angry or if you’re sad. I get it, okay? I am, too. I mean, we were — we were good together.

Sally: Yeah, till I let you down.

Wyatt: You were keeping an important secret from me.

Sally: Everyone has secrets, Wyatt. Even high school sweethearts, I’m guessing.

Wyatt: Yeah, no doubt, but this had to do with my family.

Sally: Something I will always regret. I will always regret allowing Thomas to come between us.


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