B&B Best Lines, Thursday, July 25, 2019, 2019

Thomas: Good morning, Mrs. Forrester.

Hope: Good morning, sleep well?

Thomas: Possibly, although something was missing.

Hope: It took a while for me to go to sleep with all the excitement.

Thomas: You should have knocked on my door. So what was it, good dreams, bad dreams?

Hope: I don’t really remember.

Thomas: And I don’t believe that.

Hope: Well, Douglas is probably finished with his breakfast by now.

Thomas: Isn’t Brooke down there?……..this is what I dreamed about.

Hope: Thomas, the door is open. Anyone could walk in.

Thomas: I know. We are married. We aren’t doing anything wrong. …..okay, I get it. We are in your mother’s house and our son is right down the hall. Not the best setting for newlyweds……which is why I booked us a little staycation honeymoon tonight just the two of us. Well we couldn’t go to Fiji or France so I booked us a nice hotel room.

Hope: Well, is Douglas coming?

Thomas: That would kind of defeat the purpose.

Hope: What is the purpose?

Thomas: Seriously Hope? We got married so quickly we did not have time for a real honeymoon.

Hope: Well did you ask Ridge and Brooke if they can take care of Douglas tonight or did you just assume they would?

Thomas: I’ll make arrangements for Douglas.

Hope: Don’t you think this is something you should have talked to your wife about first?

Thomas: So I have to ask my wife’s permission first to surprise her? I don’t think so.

Hope: We’ll see.

Thomas: What do you mean we’ll see?

Hope: Well right now I have to go to work.

Thomas: Okay. Okay a half day is fine but after that you are with me. It will be a lot of fun…..room service, a little champagne and a long, fun night.

Hope: Okay, I guess you have to figure out a plan for Douglas and then we will see. You can text me. Okay?






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