B&B Best Lines, Friday, August 2, 2019

Thomas:  What is it? Hello?

Douglas: Daddy?

Thomas: Douglas? I can barely hear you.

Hope: Is he all right?

Thomas: Yeah, uh, buddy, are you — you okay?

Douglas: Kelly’s asleep.

Thomas: You called to tell me that.

Douglas: Aunt Steffy and Liam are nice, not mean like you.

Thomas: Well, do they feed you, huh? Do they clothe you? Do they give you all the toys you want?

Douglas: Kelly and Beth are nice, too.

Thomas: I told you to never talk about Phoebe like that.

Douglas: Phoebe is Beth, and I told Liam, too.

Thomas: You did what? What exactly did you say, Douglas?

Hope: Okay, something’s wrong. Does Douglas need us?

Thomas: Uh, do Liam and Steffy know where we are?

Hope: Yes, of course they do. They’re watching after your son.

Thomas: Let’s get out of here. You know, I — it’s like you said, I’m going about this all wrong.

Hope: I didn’t say that.

Thomas: I can read between the lines. Look, we’ll do something else, okay? It’ll be great. Just, um, go ahead and get dressed.


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