B&B Best Lines, Thursday, August 8, 2019

Zoe: If he’s on an assignment, then the national health should know where he is. Look, this is his daughter. If you could just —

Ridge: No, you don’t get to leave a message. Hey. Ye– just let me know if you find something. Thank you. Now, what about the doctor that signed the birth certificate? He involved in this?

Flo: No.

Ridge: Zoe.

Zoe: I have no idea. Okay? He’d gone back to London before I found out what he had done.

Brooke: Is that the truth?

Flo: Yes.

Shauna: My daughter didn’t know, either.

Flo: I found out the night before the adoption was finalized. Not the full story, just parts of it. But it was enough to know that i wasn’t helping anyone but Reese.

Brooke: But you went through with it anyway.

Flo: He told me it was too late to back out because I already represented myself as the baby’s mother. And I thought — I-I know it doesn’t matter now what I thought. But Steffy and Taylor, they seemed like such good people, and —

Brooke: But it didn’t matter that the baby you were selling them was stolen?

Flo: Of course it did. Look… I’m just trying to explain myself as best I can. At that point, the birth mother was just a random name to me. Of course, when I met Hope, everything changed.

Shauna: You know what, blame me. Actually, blame Zoe. Flo always wanted to reunite Hope with her baby, but we were all just too scared.

Brooke: Well, the consequences you tried so hard to avoid are nothing to what you’re gonna face now.

Ridge: You need to step away from that door.

Shauna: Oh, I’m not leaving without my daughter.

Ridge: I find that ironic.

Brooke:  I can’t take this anymore. If Liam hasn’t found Hope yet, I need to let her know what’s going on.

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