B&B Best Lines, Thursday, August 16, 2019

Zoe: You came back?

Xander: Yeah. Yeah. Last night.

Zoe: So, you — you — you know what’s happened?

Xander: Maya told me.

Zoe: I’ve never been so scared, Xander. Ridge is waiting for me now.

Xander: You’re not in prison. That’s…something.

Zoe: I’ve been so lost while you’ve been gone. I-I’ve never needed you more.

Xander: Yeah. It’s — it’s sad that you didn’t think so when I was trying to prevent everything that’s happening to you now.

Xander: So, where is Thomas now, anyway?

Zoe: Nobody knows.

Xander: Yeah, ’cause from what I heard, his son tipped Liam off?

Zoe: Something like that.

Xander: So, you — you never came clean?

Zoe: Xander —

Xander: You know, do you ever ask yourself why you reserve your loyalty for your father instead of people who’ve actually stood by you? I mean, Hope, the Forresters, me, we’ve all — you know what? It doesn’t — it doesn’t matter. I’ve honestly thought of a lot of devastating things to say, but… it just doesn’t matter anymore, so…let’s go. What? You said Ridge is waiting for you, right?

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