B&B Best Lines, Thursday, August 22, 2019

Amelia: The monkeys and elephants await.

Thomas: Oh, well, you don’t have to — you don’t have to take off just yet, do you? I was — I was hoping to hang out with my own little monkey.

Amelia: Well, I did promise him.

Thomas: Well, I — I guess it’s up to you. What would you rather do? Do you want to go to the zoo and look at the animals, or do you want to hang out with your old man?

Douglas: You.

Amelia: Well, I guess we can stay for a while, if Douglas wants.

Thomas: Well, you know, I — I think I have a better idea. We need some, uh — some strictly guy time, don’t we, bud?

Amelia: Oh, um, Thomas, I’m supposed to be watching him.

Thomas: I am his — his, uh, father. I think I’m a reasonable stand-in.


Douglas: Daddy, don’t be mad.

Thomas: You don’t think I have any reason to be?

Douglas: You should come home.

Thomas: Where is that? Because I think my home should be with my wife and my son, but my wife is living with another man, and my son likes him better than me. Look, do you remember telling me how mean I am? I guess you convinced Hope, too. Do you know what an annulment is? Unh-unh. Yeah, well, it’s like a time machine. It take two married people, and it takes them back in time, like it was before they were married. It takes their love and all the promises they made to each other and just erases them. Why would you do that? I mean, I — I had a mother for you. Hope was with me. I mean — how could you, hmm? How could you just open your mouth and blab that Phoebe was Beth?

Douglas: You said I should always tells the truth.

Thomas: Yeah, well, the truth can be dangerous. The truth can hurt people. Like it did to us. And what I told you was to obey me. And did you do that, Douglas? Did you?

Douglas: I’m sorry!

Thomas: Could you be more specific? What exactly are you sorry for? Are you sorry for — for what, not listen to your father? Or for going behind my back and doing the one thing I ordered you not to? Are you sorry for what? For what, destroying our lives, destroying our future, my marriage to Hope?!

Douglas: Daddy, no!


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