B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Vinny: That message you just ignored your dad again?

Thomas: He’s nothing if not persistent.

Vinny: You know you could end it. You could call him back.

Thomas: I don’t want to talk to my dad, okay? He doesn’t give a damn about me.

Vinny: You know that’s not true, man.

Thomas: Well, if it was, then — then why would he leave us for Brooke? She — she’s the boss of him, you know that’s — that’s why I can’t trust him. I can’t trust anyone except — except Hope.

Vinny: And what am I, man? Huh?

Thomas: I’m sorry. You know what, I-I — you’re a good friend, and I appreciate you letting me crash here while I try and figure out how to reclaim my life. ‘Cause this — no, this — this is not it. Ah, just — just a married man living apart from his wife. Crashing o-on — on a buddy’s couch like, what, college roomies? I feel like an idiot!

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