B&B Best Lines, Friday, September 6, 2019

Ridge: All right, I understand. So what do you– so you called 9-1-1. You called an ambulance, right, Thomas?

Thomas: I knew what it would look like if I was the one that reported the…

Ridge: You just left her there?

Thomas: It was too late.

Ridge: You don’t know that.

Thomas: I could see.

Ridge: You could see what, the bottom of the cliff? You could– you could see something?

Thomas: The dash light was on. I could–

Ridge: You could see that there was nothing anyone could do for that poor little girl? She’s just down there? You just left her there!

Thomas: I made a mistake, okay? But I didn’t–I didn’t kill–

Ridge: Who are you? Where’s the boy that I raised, that I loved, that I cared for? The man who knew right from wrong. Where is that guy? Where’s Thomas?

Thomas: I messed up, but I did not kill her.

Ridge: No, it was worse than that. You were indifferent about it. You were indifferent if she would live or die. It didn’t matter to you, right?

Thomas: That’s not true. No, it’s– that’s not true. I…I just, I knew… I knew what it would mean..] I’m sorry. I…

Ridge: Why are you apologizing to me? I didn’t have my kid ripped away from me. Or maybe I did.

Thomas: Don’t say that. I’m right here.

Ridge: You know what I see? I see a despicable human being. I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed to be your father.

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