B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Bill: Forrester can be pretty dense, but he has to know that you didn’t want to intentionally hurt Thomas. Me, on the other hand…

Brooke: He could have died, Bill.

Bill: Oh, gee, that would have been a real loss. But I’m glad that you don’t have to live with that.

Brooke: I don’t think Ridge is ever gonna be able to forgive me for that. I mean, I know what it must have looked like. I was running at Thomas. I thought that he was attacking my daughter, but Hope said that he was just apologizing.

Bill: So what? You see a lunatic with his hands on your daughter on the edge of a cliff, and you’ve got to act. Fast.

Brooke: Ridge doesn’t see him that way. He doesn’t see any of this the way that I do.

Ridge: Everyone involved in this travesty is gonna pay.




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