B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Shauna: I know I was wrong to encourage Flo to keep the secret and that, you know, Hope and Liam deserved to know Beth was alive, and Steffy deserved to know that Phoebe was Beth. But I was really being selfish. I was only thinking of my own daughter and how she could lose this wonderful new family, and I didn’t make the right decision, and I don’t expect you to forgive me.

Ridge: Good.

Shauna: And I know you’re upset with Flo.

Ridge: Upset?

Shauna: Okay, fine, furious, and you have every right to be. But she is my kid, Ridge, and it’s killing me to see her here, and it’s killing her spirit, and she’s accepted her punishment. But she’s afraid. I see it in her eyes. And she is so, so sorry and so full of regret, and it’s not just because the truth came out. This is something she’s been carrying with her from day one. But I am begging you to find it in your heart to please forgive her and let her go.

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