B&B Best Lines, Friday, September 20, 2019

Sally: I’m not questioning your feelings for me or mine for you, okay? I don’t…I don’t doubt this. It’s just what’s… what’s going on up here, you know, all the “what ifs.”

Wyatt: But “what ifs” can be good sometimes, you know? Like–like what if I’m– I’m happier than I was before? You know, what if Wyatt has been working out a lot more, which is pa-pow, right?

Sally: It’s the bad “what ifs,” you know? Like what if… I’m just not lucky in love?

Wyatt: What? Don’t say that. What?

Sally: Well, I mean, look at my history, Wyatt. How many times am I gonna lose out to the other woman?  I just can’t do it again, especially not with you. I love you too much. You know, as hard as I tried, I could not get you out of my system. And that’s why I’m being cautious, not because I doubt you, but because I love you.

Wyatt: Sally…

Sally: No…Look, that can’t be news to you, but sometimes love just isn’t enough. There’s other factors that have to add up, and if I’m being honest with you, a lot of those factors are not working in our favor.

Wyatt: Like what?

Sally: Well, for starters, your mom is–has made it very clear how she is not a fan of me, okay? And your father’s definitely not a fan either.

Wyatt: Oh, okay. I mean, I can’t even imagine what your Grams has said about me, huh? Come on.

Sally: Okay. I mean, so how does that work?

Wyatt: Hold–hold on here.

Sally: No, look, I don’t mind taking on the entire world when it comes to my career, but I am out of the Romeo and Juliet phase, Wyatt. I just can’t handle another heartbreak. I want commitment. I want a solid future with the man that I love.

Wyatt: You deserve to be happy. All right? You deserve to not have to be asking those “what ifs.” All right? In spite of everything that’s happened to me, you have stayed true to who you are, like your thoughts and feelings–those– those have been more important to you than anything else, just like your desire to work at Forrester. And that’s–that’s–that’s always been something I admired about you– your “never say die” attitude, you know, your creativity, your passion. You are special. And you’ve brought something just so unique to my life, and I…I… I messed up. I caused you pain. I mean, you probably– you probably think that I’m like everyone else, like I’m another… another guy who’s– who’s taking advantage of how incredible you are or– or doesn’t see how lucky he is, but you know what? That’s not true. I-I have never forgotten how good we are together. That’s the kind of relationship that you deserve, the kind of guy who– who is courageous and as committed as you are, a guy who knows what he wants, and–and he just– he goes after it. That’s… that’s why…

Sally: Wyatt, what are you doing?

Wyatt: What does it look like? Okay? I don’t have a ring, but.. I love you. Marry me, Sally. Marry me.

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