B&B Best Lines, Monday, September 16, 2019

Shauna: I think you need something to eat.

Ridge: Wait.

Shauna: Don’t–don’t worry. I am not leaving yet.

Ridge: Where–where is… where is this place?

Shauna: You know, I just have a hunch that you’re not feeling so good right now.

Ridge: Okay. Where are we and why are you here? Why am I here? What do we…

Shauna: Mm…how much do you remember from last night?

Ridge: Uh… I went out.

Shauna: Well, do you remember getting into a fight with Brooke, and you weren’t happy and…

Ridge: I stopped for a drink.

Shauna:  Yeah, drinking, yes, stopping, no, not so much. A little bit too much Irish whiskey. Actually, are you seeing, uh, leprechauns?

Ridge: No, I–no. I can see you. And I can see this place. So where is it?

Shauna: Upstairs from the bar.

Ridge: Which bar? Bikini Bar?

Shauna: Yeah. You literally went to leave and then just passed out, so, uh, the manager said he knew you, and you know, we brought you up here.

Ridge: Yeah, Danny’s a good guy. Do I smell coffee?

Shauna: Yes, you do. How can you hate somebody who brings you breakfast in bed? Bikini’s not open yet, but I did find stairs that went to the kitchen. I really did wanna make you, um, eggs and steak, but, uh, the steaks were all frozen.  Don’t worry. I cleaned up my mess.

Ridge: Okay. I know I’m a little foggy, but… I didn’t forget.

Shauna: That you and your family have a grudge against me? I know. I don’t care. Because of you, Flo is free, and, Ridge, you are always gonna be my hero, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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