B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Shauna: Oh, close your mouth before something flies in.

Flo:- I–I can’t possibly have just heard you right. Did you just tell me that– that you spent the night with Ridge Forrester?

Shauna:  Should I be a little insulted? I mean, why do you find that so hard to believe?  It’s true? Ridge and I slept together. 

Flo: You slept with Ridge?

Shauna: Right by his side all night long. 

Flo:  Oh, my God. This–this–this– this can’t be happening. What– well, what were you thinking?

Shauna: Oh, calm down. 

Flo: Calm down? Mom, I’ve been out of jail for, like, a day, and you’re already giving the Logan’s another reason to hate us. Tell me exactly what happened. Don’t laugh. What did you do? . How did you end up in bed with Ridge?

Shauna: Uh, well, I– I went to see Brooke yesterday.  Why?  I know. I was just trying to see if I could appeal to her humanity side and, you know, sense of family, but that didn’t work

Flo:  Mom, come on.

Shauna: No, I know, I know. I just thought it was worth a try.

Flo: Well, how did she react?

Shauna: You mean before she physically threw me out?

Flo: Oh, God, seriously?

Shauna: Yeah. And I cannot believe she put her hands on me, and if she wasn’t your aunt, I would have knocked her out.

Flo: Well, I appreciate you resisting that urge.

Shauna: Oh, well, you’re welcome. Anyway, she was furious with Ridge because he didn’t fight your release. So they got into a big fight. So anyway, I went to the Bikini Bar because I needed a drink after I saw her, and, uh, and there he was.

Flo – Ridge was there.

Shauna: Yep. – He was very upset, knocking them back, and so I sat down to join him, and, you know, he wasn’t very welcoming, but I didn’t hold that against him. I still sat down to talk to him. And I just told him how I–I met with Brooke and, you know, begged for her forgiveness and told him how grateful I was for everything that he did for you, and he just kept drinking and drinking and drinking. And then, finally, Danny cut him off, and then Ridge got up to leave, and then boom, he just fell over.

Flo: He passed out?

Shauna:  Yeah. He passed out. So then Danny helped me bring him to this little crash pad that Bikini Bar…  yeah, yeah, yeah.  You used to work there. And then Danny had to go back to the bar to close it up, so, you know, Ridge was just so not even coherent, and I wanted to make sure he was okay, so I said I’d help him and make him comfortable, so I took his shoes off, took his pants off, and…

Flo: you took his pants off?

Shauna: Yeah. I said I was trying to make him comfortable. So then he asked for water, and then, after that, I was gonna leave, I swear. But then Ridge asked me to stay. So I thought, you know, what if he wakes up in the middle of the night and tries to drive home drunk? I wanted to make sure he was okay. So I stayed.

Flo: And then what? You just, like, crawled into bed next to him?

Shauna: Mm, sort of.

Flo: Mom..

Shauna: What? I couldn’t help it. I mean, looking at him, like, I mean, he’s gorgeous, and he’s just laying there, and I’m like… ohh.  …This is the man that helped you get out of jail. And then I kept thinking about all those decades that I would hear about how charming and charismatic he is, so then I was really looking at him just laying there right next to me.

Flo: Okay, mom, you’re making me really, really nervous. You didn’t.

Shauna: No. Of course not. He was passed out.

Flo: Oh, thank God. – But, you know, I couldn’t stop staring at him. So then I was just kind of, you know, touching his face and…

Flo: and what?

Shauna: Uh…  I kissed him.

Flo:  You kissed Ridge?

Shauna: Yes. And I have to be honest. It was amazing to feel his lips on mine.

Flo: Oh, my God, mom.

Shauna: What? You asked. I’m telling you. And you know what? I felt something.

Flo: What do you mean, you felt something? You felt what?

Shauna: I don’t know. I felt something, though.

Flo: Did he wake up when you kissed him?

Shauna:  No. I wish. He was down for the count.

Flo: Do I even want to know what you did next?

Shauna: I rolled over and went to sleep.

Flo: – Are you sure?

Shauna: Of course I’m sure. Okay, maybe I looked at him a little bit longer, but so what? Sue me.

Flo: Oh, my God, mom, I cannot believe it. I–I can’t– –

Shauna: What? I actually did a good deed. He was trashed, and I took very good care of him. I even made him breakfast in the morning, and so what? I spent the night with Ridge Forrester. I mean, no one is gonna find out because you know why? Nothing happened.

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