B&B Best Lines, Monday, September 23, 2019

Sally: I can’t believe this is happening.

Wyatt: I know.

Sally: I’m engaged.

Wyatt: I know. I just, I wish I had a ring when I proposed. I…

Sally: Stop it. Okay, it is endearing.

Wyatt: I know.

Sally: Besides, if anyone knows jewelry, it’s you, so whatever you choose I’m sure will be perfect. What you said is what matters most and that it came from the heart.

Wyatt: Do you feel how fast that is going right now? That is what you do to me– the way that you live life so fast and fierce, and you are funny and smart and unpredictable. And you have changed my life for the better in so many amazing ways, and it is gonna be one hell of a ride being married to you. Uh… oh. Uh-huh.

Sally: It doesn’t get… any better than this, does it? Fiancée .

Wyatt: I bet it does. Everything is better with you.

Sally: You know, I have had to fight to get ahead my whole life. I mean, my parents were pretty much AWOL. Yes, I had Coco and Grams, but mostly it was just… Sally Spectra against the world.

Wyatt: Right.

Sally: Until you. Until now. Your commitment is everything. You’re everything to me. You know, we forgot to close the blinds. You think they saw anything?

Sally: Do you really care if they did?

Wyatt: No. No, I don’T. But Mrs. Shropshire is kind of like the world’s biggest prude. There was one time I was getting the mail, and I wasn’t really– what? Wow.

Sally: I figured I would lower the blinds as to not offend Mrs. Shropshire. Ah, it is just like you said.

Wyatt: Hmm?

Sally: It is going to be one hell of a ride. So hang on tight, Mr. Spencer.


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