B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Eric: Let Wyatt decide who he loves.

Quinn: He already did a long time ago.

Eric: No, not–not, no, no, “first” does not always mean forever. Quinn, Flo betrayed this family in the worst possible way, no one more so than Hope and Liam.

Quinn: I know. I am painfully aware, but Flo was also a victim.

Eric: You know, it’s highly likely that Wyatt will never forgive Flo.

Quinn: No, of course not, if he’s gonna sit and stew over it or be consoled by sally. Flo needs to put herself back in the running. She needs to remind Wyatt why he still loves her.

Eric: And where is Wyatt in all this? Doesn’t he get a say?

Quinn: The point is that Flo needs to be front and center in Wyatt’s mind so he doesn’t do anything rash and commit to Sally all over again. I think a visit with my son is long overdue. I do.


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