B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Thomas: So you’re clear on what you need to do, right?

Danny: I’m clear on what you want me to do.

Thomas: You can’t back out now. Brooke’s on her way over here.

Danny: To get a belt, not to get a bombshell dropped on her.

Thomas: Brooke’s gonna be fine, okay? It’s just her marriage to my dad. That’s what’s gonna start to crack.

Danny: I never knew you had these issues with Brooke.

Thomas: She used to pretend to be nice to me, you know, so it made it easier to coexist, but now she’s trying to influence my dad against me. I can’t have that, okay? I got to get her out of the picture, and you have all the ammunition to do it. I mean, it works out perfectly.

Danny: It just feels wrong.

Thomas: Well, look. Come here. The favor I’m gonna do for you, that’s gonna feel pretty right. No more of this double duty, doing part-time modeling gigs with serving margaritas to people. You’re gonna be strutting up and down international runways in no time, okay? And that’s your dream, right? I’ll make it a reality. All you have to do is tell Brooke my dad spent the night with Shauna Fulton. That’s it.

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