B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Flo: Do you have a thing for married men, mom? You can tell me. We’re both adults here, I think.

Shauna: Of course I have a thing for married men.

Flo: Because they’re unattainable?

Shauna: No. Because they’re men. I also have a thing for unmarried men. And I have a thing for men who can tell long, unfunny jokes and men who have gray hair or no hair, especially men who keep my Flo out of jail. I don’t want to sleep with all of them, though. Just maybe, I don’t know, two or three, mostly because I feel sorry for them.

Flo: Wow. You know, it’s actually really surprising that I’m not more messed up than I actually am.

Shauna: Yep. It truly is, sweetheart.

Flo: Mom, you– you have become, like, unglued ever since that night you spent with Ridge.

Shauna: I have been a broken person in pieces for a long time. But because of Ridge, I’m thinking of myself not as a mom– no offense– or a Vegas retailer or an accessory to kidnapping. Because of Ridge, I’ve been thinking of myself as a sexy woman again.

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