B&B Best Lines, Friday, October 4, 2019

Shauna: I’ve been dying to tell you two newsflashes. One–Thomas Forrester came by after you left for work.

Flo: Oh, god, really? How does he know where we live?

Shauna: I assumed you had an employee file at Forrester.

Flo: What did he want?

Shauna: To tell me newsflash number two. Brooke knows I spent the night with her husband.

Flo: Oh, my God.

Flo: How did she find out?

Shauna: You didn’t say anything to anyone?

Flo: Of course not, mom. Why–wh–I would never– I would never tell anyone. God, you know… I always had this, like, fantasy that the Logan’s would eventually forgive me and just take me back into their family, but–

Shauna: Well, that still can happen. Why not? You didn’t sleep with Ridge… or next to him. Oh, poor Brooke. Stolen granddaughter. Sister in kidney failure. And now this thing with me and her husband, which sounds a lot spicier than it actually was. I know she hates our guts, but I actually kind of feel sorry for her.


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