B&B Best Lines, Thursday, October 10, 2019

Katie: The entire time I’m asleep, I’m gonna be dreaming of you. And your face is the first face I wanna see when I wake up. And yours, too. I had a heart problem.

Dr. Davis: During your surgery, your anesthesiologist will monitor your heart and your breathing. You’ll be on a ventilator. And we have a cardiac team on standby, just in case.

Bill: So, doc, how long will Katie be in here post-op before she can come home?

Dr. Davis: It depends on how well the organ functions and how it reacts to the new anti-rejection meds.

Brooke: So she won’t have a problem with just one kidney?

Katie: Actually, I’ll have three.

Dr. Davis: Yeah, your son thought that was so cool. Katie’s kidneys will be left in place–lowers the risk of antibodies attacking the new kidney, so I put the donor kidney in the anterior of the lower abdomen, connect an artery and a vein from Katie to the kidney, and once we attach the bladder, we close her up.

Brooke: Well, yeah. No big deal.


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