B&B Best Lines, Thursday, October 17, 2019

Thomas: Sorry. What? What do you want?

Zoe: Why are you in my building?

Thomas: You live here?

Zoe: Yeah, this, uh, dumpy studio is all I could afford after I got fired.

Thomas: Ah. Well, at least you have your own place. I’m staying with a friend.

Zoe: What, your family doesn’t have an extra mansion you can use?

Thomas: Not very many places are open to me right now, Zoe. Uh, I’m just gonna grab some water. Do you want to come in? My friend won’t mind, and, well… you must have a million questions about what happened.

Zoe: Uh… yeah, I can come in for a minute.

Thomas: Sure. Sounds like things have been rough for both of us.

Zoe: Yeah. Rough is a understatement. Can’t find a job, and I’m nearly broke. Today the judge hit my dad with the maximum sentence.

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