B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Ridge: Did you check in at the hospital at all?

Brooke: Bill and Will practically camped out in Katie’s hospital room the last few days, so I’m gonna go over there in a bit.

Ridge: Now you have to admit, past mistakes aside, Flo really stepped up.

Brooke: They released her from the hospital. She should have gone back to prison instead of back to her apartment.

Ridge: I saw you laying into Shauna. What was that all about?

Brooke: Ridge, I just don’t want them creeping back into our lives.

Ridge: Creeping back in?¬†Flo saved your sister’s life. She gave her a kidney. So to me, it looks like they’re trying. And what about you? No understanding? No forgiveness?

Brooke: Forgiveness? No, after what she did to my daughter, I can’t even believe that you’re asking me that.


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