B&B Best Lines, Friday, October 18, 2019

Hope: Are you really going to go there, Steffy? Attacking my family, bringing up old history?

Steffy: I’m just saying how it felt watching you walk out the door with my daughter.

Hope: My daughter, Steffy. My little girl with Liam.

Steffy: And Kelly is my little girl with Liam.

Hope: Okay, so you’re saying what, that that gives you permission to undermine my relationship with my daughter’s father after everything the three of us have been through?

Steffy: I’m not trying to undermine anyone. In case you haven’t noticed, I have given you space to be with your daughter and Liam. I’ve been focusing on myself, my daughter, going through my own heartbreak. But Kelly and I are family with Liam, too. She needs her daddy. He loves her, and she loves him.

Hope: Of course he does. Liam being with me and Beth doesn’t mean that he loves Kelly any less. He’s always, always going to be here for her, Steffy. It’s just that Liam sees his future with me.

Steffy: And you’re sure about that? I think you’re getting way ahead of yourself.

Hope: Because there’s not a ring on my finger yet? You know how that sounds, Steffy? Like–like you think he’s still fair game, like you can still pursue him. You understand that we’re living together, right? We’re sharing a bed.

Steffy: But, like, for how long, though? It’s not like you made a permanent commitment.

Hope: That still doesn’t mean that you get to go behind my back. Liam and I, we’re in a relationship, so show some respect, the same kind of respect that I would show you if it were the other way around, not sending little messages with heart emojis and xoxo. Like, I’m not going to tolerate it, Steffy.

Steffy: Why were you even on his phone?

Hope: It just popped up.

Steffy: Oh, I’m sure it was.

Liam: Whoa. Whoa. Hey, guys. Hope, what is going on? What is happening right now? Why are you talking to Steffy this way?

Steffy: It’s okay, Liam.

Liam: Well– well, no, it’s not okay, given everything that you’ve been through. Hope, do you realize that, for Steffy, it’s as if there was a death in the family? I mean, as far as she’s concerned, she lost her Phoebe, right? She lost the little girl that she had loved and raised and cared for for months. I mean, I– I should have been bringing Beth over here more. We, as a couple, should have been bringing our daughter over to play with Kelly more. I mean, can you– can you try to show some compassion?

Hope: I do feel compassion for Steffy.

Liam: Okay. Then you got to respect my choice to bring Beth over here.

Hope: No, it’s not about that. It’s about her showing respect for us, for our family.

Liam: How is she not showing respect for us and our family? Look, we’re all in a tough spot here, right? I have daughters with each of you. We’re doing our best.

Hope: I understand that, but if Steffy is feeling the way she’s feeling, like she’s stuck in some sort of limbo, then…

Steffy: I never said that.

Hope: Okay, well, it still amounts to the same thing, right? And the one person who can put an end to it is Liam, so, Liam, can you give us a clear answer once and for all? Who does your heart belong to? We’re in love. We’re living together. We’re raising our daughter. That doesn’t mean that you won’t see Kelly. You are an amazing, attentive father to her, but that is where it ends. And you need to be straight with Steffy that you see your future with me. You know, I actually– I–I think this is good that this is happening, that we are all here and discussing this because obviously there are still some shades of gray and confusion about this matter, so let’s… set things straight. Let’s not give Steffy any false hope. Okay? You two are just co-parenting, and the romantic relationship is over. Please tell her. What–I don’t even think this needs saying. Liam, we’re in a relationship. We don’t need a piece of paper or a ring to say that. Our love speaks for itself, and Steffy should respect that. Okay? So I’m gonna need you to tell her Liam, that–that, if Steffy sees some sort of future with you, it’s misguided. The two of you are just co-parenting, and the romance is over. Can you please make that clear to her, Liam, please? It’s the kind thing to do. She deserves to hear that from you. It’s– it’s the right thing to do so she can move on with her life. So for once and for all, Liam, tell Steffy it’s over.

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