B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Shauna: I feel ridiculous. I have seen you on hundreds of magazines. You’re this deliciously talented, amazing Ridge Forrester.

Ridge: Hmm.

Shauna: And here you are, and here I am………¬†Face masque, looking ridiculous in these pajamas. I’m just so embarrassed. You know what? I am just gonna stick this on my head because I can’t even look at you after you catching me like this. Don’t laugh.

Ridge: I’m not. Hey.

Shauna: It’s embarrassing.

Ridge: Hey, where’d you go? Hi.

Shauna: I’m in here.

Ridge: I’m not laughing at you.

Shauna: I’m embarrassed, though.

Ridge: Okay. Don’t be. Just I was laughing at this situation, us being here like this.

Shauna: Well, I swear I had no idea that you were gonna come by here.

Ridge: Yeah, I didn’t know that, either. Ahem.

Shauna: Ahem. With both of your rings off, does that have anything to do with Thomas?

Ridge: Brooke had adoption papers drawn up. She wanted hope and Liam to take Thomas’ boy away from him.

Shauna: What?

Ridge: I don’t understand. I–I can’t wrap my head around that this is my wife, my partner. And my boy, my little boy. How do you…

Shauna: I am so sorry.

Ridge: Me, too. I want my marriage, and I want my wife. But not at the expense of my son.


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