B&B Best Lines, Thursday, October 31, 2019

Quinn: Oh, yeah. Mm. Whoop. Careful of my lipstick, Caesar.

Eric: Okay.

Quinn: Hee hee hee!

Ridge: All right, take it easy.

Quinn: Ohh!

Ridge: Is that what I’m gonna see every time I walk in here? Come on.

Quinn: Yeah. Especially Sunday brunch. We do it naked over there on the couch.

Ridge: Really? Okay. Uh, mental note– don’t sit on that couch and don’t be here Sunday ever.

Quinn: Ridge!

Ridge: Yeah.

Quinn: What’s going on with your costume?

Ridge: What? It’s almost done. I, uh, I learned something about myself today. I’m a lot better dressing other people than I am dressing myself. And speaking of other people, you forgot to tell me that Shauna’s in the guest house.


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