B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Thomas: Hope hasn’t moved on.

Zoe: She’s back with Liam. You know, they’re raising Beth.

Thomas: Okay, look, she still wants to be a mother to Douglas.

Zoe: Okay, but she had your marriage annulled, so that’s not going to happen.

Thomas: That’s what she wants more than anything. She said it. I mean, that’s where her focus is. But I know something else is going on–something underneath the surface. I could tell while I was there, but it was something she didn’t want me to see.

Zoe: Like what?

Thomas: I don’t know. But if I’d gotten her to stay, I would have found out.

Zoe: You asked her to stay the night?

Thomas: That’s all it’d take. One night with me, and… everything would be different for us.

Zoe: You think you’re that good.

Thomas: I know when a woman is into me.

Zoe: Well…then this shouldn’t surprise you at all. ¬†Well, look at that. Thomas Forrester is speechless.

Thomas: You made my point.

Zoe: And what’s that?

Thomas: Hope doesn’t know what she’s missing.

Zoe: Hope?

Thomas: Yeah, and if she’d stop being so uptight and just give into her desires, we’d have a lot of fun together.

Zoe:¬† Okay, I plant a kiss on you, and you’re talking about Hope? Thomas, I thought that you came here to talk about your future, not your past.

Thomas: Hope wants a relationship with me.

Zoe: Oh, God, come on.

Thomas: She’s talking about shared custody. She wants to be in my life.

Zoe: Yeah, I was trying to get your attention, but it’s like you can’t keep your mind off of Hope. I’m starting to think that you’re just obsessed with her. I mean, seriously, did that kiss have no impact on you at all?

Thomas: Look, Zoe, you… You are a beautiful woman. Sexy. And under different circumstances… but there’s only one woman for me, and I’m doing everything I can to get her back in my life.


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