B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Charlie: Hey, chief, uh, you got a sec?

Ridge: It’s about all I got. Come on in, Charlie.

Jake: Maintenance on the washers is underway.

Charlie: You, uh, you don’t remember.

Ridge: Uh, I’ve got a lot on my plate. What?

Jake: The industrial washers. They were leaving rust deposits on the garments. Not any longer. I hired a company that specializes in this sort of stuff. They’re pickling as we speak.

Ridge: They’re pickling?

Jake: Yeah, it’s a term for how you remove the rust.

Charlie: Jake says they’ll be purring like happy kitties real soon.

Jake: Yeah, at the moment, though, they’re in pieces being cleaned in hydrofluoric acid.

Ridge: Wait, what?

Jake: I know. It’s a big project. Don’t worry. It’ll be out of this building before you know it.


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