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SID Spoilers: Amanda Turns to Devon


Y&R will re-air tomorrow, Jan. 7 (it was pre-empted yesterday by news)

Crossover with Y&R Spoilers

Y&R will not air Friday, 12/31 for New Year’s Day.

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SID Spoilers: Who’s Framing Billy? Spoilers

SID Spoilers: Will the Abbotts Lose Their Fortune?

Y&R will be pre-empted Thursday due to sports, and Friday will be a re-run.

Donny Boaz has tested positive for COVID-19 and is temporarily recast.

Scoops and Spoilers

By Suzanne

SOD 1/18/21

Dana Sparks (Dr. Lena Cavett) talks about getting her new recurring role, which started Jan. 7. She previously starred on “Passions” as Grace/Faith. She enjoys working with Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) and Mark Grossman (Adam). She also recently finished a Lifetime movie and a series filmed in Bulgaria.

Crossover with B&B: Summer (Hunter) and Kyle (Michael Mealor) go to L.A. to meet with Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks), hoping to meet his dad, Bill (Don Diamont). She wants to get her line, JVC, promoted by Spencer so that she can take it in another direction. Summer also wants to find out more about Sally, whom Wyatt once dated. She wants to know what Sally is really up to in Genoa City. Kyle leaves Wyatt and Summer to chat. Wyatt agrees to bring her proposal to Bill. She asks about Sally, which surprises Wyatt. He didn’t know she had gone to Wisconsin, of all places. Summer can’t get Wyatt to give up any dirt on Sally, but she notices that he’s tense. When she meets Bill, he tells her to give his regards to Lauren. Summer tries again to question Wyatt about Sally, so he wonders why she wants to know. Wyatt’s girlfriend Flo (Katrina Bowden) drops by and hears them talking about Sally. Wyatt leaves to go to another meeting, so Flo and Summer have a chat. Flo is happy to dish the dirt.

Summer allies herself with someone new. Sharon is given a stern talking-to by Victor about Adam. Someone pushes Chelsea too far. Lily is warned by Nate about Billy.

When Amanda meets her bio mother, Naya, things are tense at first. Naya doesn’t want to talk to her and denies that she’s her mom. Amanda won’t leave until she gets what she came for. Naya wonders if Amanda is after her money. Amanda promises to leave her alone if she answers her questions. Amanda might find out that this is just the beginning of a painful journey.

1/11 Kevin is encouraged by Phyllis to pay another visit to his darker side. Victoria and Nick’s mom, Nikki, worries about their fighting. 1/12 Chance and Abby decide what they’ll do in their future. Amanda gets some history. Lily learns about Billy’s cheating. 1/13 Billy is forced by Lily to give her the truth. Sharon and Nick decide what to do about Faith. 1/14 Sharon is Adam’s rock. Abby tells Victoria something in confidence. 1/15 Summer tries to find info about Sally’s past. Phyllis is encouraged to fight back by Nick.

In an article, the guys in charge of B&B and Y&R talk about how they did the crossover event.

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) looks back on her favorite moments on Y&R.

SOD 1/11/21

Adam finds Chelsea at home, unconscious. She gets an operation for her aneurism. Adam goes home and doesn’t sleep well. Elena calls him back in to let him know that Chelsea had a stroke. Her right side is immobile and she can’t speak. Adam demands to see Chelea, but they won’t let him due to infection protocols. Adam calls Victor for help.

Kyle gets very angry about a risk Billy took. Amanda is shocked when she learns about her past. Nikki decides to take charge. In Phyllis and Victoria’s little game, Phyllis wins this round.

Ratings, week of 12/7: 2.13.

Donny Boaz returned to the role of Chance last month after a short break because of COVID.

Jason Canela (Arturo) has left again.

Elena feels good about a future with Nate after making love with him. Elena runs into Devon and tells him that she’s sorry about hurting him, and she’s moving on. Devon tells her that he and Amanda are just friends. Elena has mixed feelings.

1/4 Phyllis talks about marriage. 1/5 Sally is protected by Jack. Amanda decides something that’s painful. Victor takes something over. 1/6 Amanda is comforted by Devon. 1/7 Kyle works to protect himself. Lily worries about getting personal with Billy. Adam blames Chelsea’s condition on Billy. 1/8 Someone gives Amanda a serious warning. Kyle’s plans are taken over by Bill.

The show is given a Thumbs Down! for the poor writing of the character of Theo.

Courtney Hope (Sally) and Donny Boaz (Chance) share their health tips.

Sean Dominic (Nate) is featured in the short, one-page interview “Take Five.”

SOD 1/4/21

Nick stops by Sharon’s to see her before her wedding day to Rey. He hopes that she’s put Adam out of her life for good. She’s not too happy with him telling her what to do. Rey and Sharon go for a moonlight walk after that. The next day, Mariah and Sharon get ready for the reception, which will be at Society. There is a wedding crasher.

Ratings, week of 11/30: 2.23.

Things get heated between Elena and Nate. Summer makes the decision to fight in an underhanded way. Victor steps in to get control. Sharon tries to break free of Adam but is conflicted.

Matt Katrosar (real-life husband of Melissa Claire Egan, who plays Chelsea) will play a paramedic 12/31 when he reponds to a health crisis with Adam.

Marguerite Ray (ex-Mamie) passed away in November.

Tyler Johnson (Theo) has left the show after finishing his last taping.

Phyllis hopes that Kevin will give her the incriminating thumb drive, but once he hears what she plans to do with it, he decides not to start that war with Victoria. Phyllis has to come up with Plan B to get back at Victoria.

12/28 Nick and Vicky don’t agree. Sharon is there to support Rey. 12/29 Things don’t go as planned for Nate when he plans a special evening for Elena. Sally tells someone about her past. Faith is protected by Mariah. 12/30 Abby reunites with Arturo. 12/31 Rey and Sharon celebrate. Things don’t go well for Chelsea.

Abby and Chance’s wedding is this week’s Editor’s Choice for story.

Preview for 2021- Adam’s world is toppling because of Chelsea’s health crisis, so Victor steps in to help. The other Newmans will not like Victor supporting Adam. Also, Sharon and Adam still share a bond, which will also make things dicey with Rey. When Nikki learns that Faith has been drinking, she takes action. Phyllis wants revenge on Victoria badly. Nick yells at Victoria for the way she’s treated Phyllis. Victoria still has trouble moving on from Billy. She wonders how Billy and Lily’s relationship will affect their kids. Amanda learns about her past and wonders if she was better off not knowing. Devon supports her but sees that she’s moving on with Nate. He wonders if he gave up on her too soon. Chance and Abby will face a major obstacle in their marriage and look to their families for support. Summer and Sally keep fighting. Summer plays dirty by digging up Sally’s past. Lauren and Jack try to keep the peace and protect the bottom line. Sally will set her sights on someone, which will cause more problems for Summer.

A Year in Review recaps what’s been going on this year on the show.

SOD 12/7/20

Chelsea eavesdrops when Rey visits with Adam to let him know that Billy is in jail for shooting Chance. Rey thinks that Adam just took advantage of the situation to frame Billy, but the real shooter is out there. Adam and Chelsea plan to vist Connor, but he thinks she should go to the doctor first to see what’s causing her headaches. Chelsea lies about a phone call from the doctor, but Adam figures out that she’s lying. He tells her that she’s not OK. What’s going on with her will affect their lives.

Abby and Nina grow closer. Nikki has had it with Adam. Victor is out for revenge on Billy. Nate has to worry about his career.

Ratings: week of 11/9: 2.30.

Justin Gaston talks about subbing as Chance when Donny Boaz was in quarantine due to testing positive.

Lily invites Victor to meet with her at ChanceComm to explain why she thinks Billy didn’t shoot Adam. She thinks Billy is being set up and wonders if Victor had anything to do with that. Victor says that he didn’t but isn’t convinced that Billy is innocent. Lily also wonders if Victor was behind Billy getting arrested.

12/7 Jill comes up with a way to help Billy. Victoria’s motives are questioned by Lily. 12/8 Theo’s bluff is called by Jack. Chelsea gets some very bad news. 12/9 Victoria acts like Victor to Phyllis. Elena changes her mind. 12/10 Chance and Abby’s honeymoon gets cut short. Michael sees how tough Amanda can be. Lauren sees something new in Sally. 12/11 Phyllis enjoys getting the last laugh. Something tests Chance’s loyalty. Lily risks something to help Billy.

Melissa Ordway (Abby) is chosen as Performer of the Week.

The annual Holiday Guide article has soap-opera- and soap-actor-related things to buy as gifts.

An article focuses on characters who should never have been killed off on each show, such as John, Drucilla, Colleen and Hilary.

SOD 12/7/20

Sally tries to network with Billy at the Grand Phoenix bar. Lily arrives, so Sally leaves. Lily and Billy talk about their relationship. She is feeling more cautious than he is. They go up to her room and have sex. They will each have different viewpoints about their night together. Billy is confronted by something that happened as a result of his feud with Adam.

Mark Grossman (Adam) is featured in a short interview.

Elena changes her mind. Lauren is warned by Jack about Sally. Jill has a dangerous plan that she tells someone about. Victor has to stand up for himself.

Ratings, week of 11/2: 2.24.

Justin Gaston played Chance for a few episodes while Donny Boaz was in quarantine after testing positive for COVID. He’s back now. Gaston is Melissa Ordway (Abby)’s real-life husband.

Abby gets cold feet before her wedding as she thinks back on her past relationships. Both Mariah and Ashley try to help her, to no avail. They get Chance to speak with her, and he gets rid of her fears. The wedding goes as planned, and everyone remembers their romantic past.

11/30 Abby changes her mind. Nina comes back to town. Jill and Jack talk about the past. 12/1 The Abbotts, Newmans and Chancellors gather for a wedding. 12/2 Jack promises something about the future. Chance and Abby get a surprise from Nina. Victor doesn’t think Billy is innocent. 12/3 Something unexpected happens on Chance and Abby’s honeymoon. Summer gets angry when Sally manipulates her. 12/4 Nina and Christine catch up. Victor worries what will happen to Adam.

Faith’s acting out is given a Thumbs Up!

Tristan Rogers (ex-Colin) is interviewed because it’s his 40th anniversary on GH.

In honor of their 12,000th episode this week, the cast is asked about their most memorable episode.

In an article entitled “Random Inquiries,” stars of each show are asked a bunch of questions, including Jason Thompson (Billy) and Christel Khalil (Lily).

Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) is featured in the short, one page “Take Five” interview.

SOD 11/30/20

Sharon commits Adam to a mental facility, at Victor’s urging, because he’s having a breakdown. Adam and Chelsea both feel betrayed (they didn’t consult Chelsea). Adam is very angry when the doctor sees him, so he sounds delusional. Victor visits, so Adam begs him to let him go, and he promises to just leave town forever.

Victor phones someone for emergency help. Abby gets help from her mom. Lily and Billy grow closer. Nina, Chance’s mother, comes back to town.

Ratings, week of 10/26: 2.25.

Lily invites Nate over for Thanksgiving without warning Devon first. She tricked them both but reminds them that they’re the only family they have left. Devon also invited Amanda to maybe drop by for dessert.

11/23 Chelsea demands answers from Sharon. Billy is defended by Lily. Jack finds out that Theo is bent on revenge. 11/24 Abby is faced with a difficult decision. Victor tries to keep Adam from hurting himself. 11/25 Summer changes her decision. Sharon reminds everyone what Thanksgiving is really about. 11/27 A classic episode will air.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for the way they said goodbye to Dina, but a Thumbs Down! for the way that Theo reacted and the contrived drama that followed.

An article features Alvia Alyn Lind (Faith).

Y&R’s past Thanksgiving celebrations are shown in an article.

Actors share their favorite Thanksgiving recipes, including Mishael Morgan (Amanda) and Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe).

Camryn Grimes (Mariah) is featured in the one-page “Take Five” interview.

SOD 11/23/20

Tricia Cast (Nina) talks about her return to the show, which begins this week.

Jason Thompson (Billy) talks about how Billy is questioned this week about whether he tried to shoot Adam or not. He believes that Billy really wants Adam out of Genoa City, for the good of everyone. Even though Chance cleared Adam in the shooting, Billy still thinks that Adam is bad news, and he wants to dig up more dirt on him. First Chelsea, and then Rey, question him about the shooting. Billy says he would never do that. Billy is shocked that people actually think he could do this and worries about getting a lawyer.

Lily tries to be peacemaker between Nate and Devon. Jack gets a summons. Victor attempts to keep Adam from hurting himself. Sharon and Chelsea have an argument.

Ratings, week of 10/19: 2.28

Tyler Johnson (Theo) is leaving the show.

Phyllis finds Faith, hungover, in Chancellor Park. Faith pleads with her not to tell anyone. Nick shows up and can tell that Faith isn’t doing well, so Phyllis tells him the truth. Phyllis leaves them alone to talk. Later, she tells Nick that she already knew about Faith’s drinking, which makes him very angry.

11/16 Lily is questioned about Billy by Amanda. Chance asks Victor for his blessing regarding Abby. 11/17 Lauren makes an offer to someone that could change everything. Sally aligns herself with someone. 11/18 Amanda feels her way with Devon. Adam gets annoyed when Victoria says things to hurt him intentionally. Phyllis and Nick reach an understanding. 11/19 Victor asks Sharon for her help. Paul finds some new evidence in the shooting. 11/20 Adam is told by Victor to come to grips. Chelsea is given an ultimatum by Chloe. Elena finds herself in a triangle with Nate and Devon.

Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) is chosen as Performer of the Week.

SOD 11/16/20

Madison Thompson talks about joining the show as Jordan.

Chance proposes to Abby in Chancellor Park. She accepts his proposal after making sure he understands that they need to be equals. Their happiness will be short-lived, thanks to the drama in her family. The Newman drama includes Adam calling a family meeting and Victor asking her to be there, plus Chelsea is missing and Billy is doing everything he can to destroy Adam in the press.

Abby learns something shocking about Chance. Paul is close to arresting someone. Lauren uses her power at work to make a move. Lily and Billy get heated up.

Ratings, week of 10/12: 2.22.

Brittany (Lauren Woodland) meets with Theo 11/13.

Theo is upset when he only gets a pen from Dina’s will. He thinks about suing. He asks Sally to spy on his family for him, but she’s not interested. Theo feels like an outsider and could be dangerous. He meets with Brittany to see what his legal options are. Tyler Johnson explains that we haven’t yet seen the full good and bad of Theo.

11/9 Nate’s future doesn’t look good. Chance and Adam’s loyalty becomes a dangerous liability. With regards to his kids, Victor won’t budge. 11/10 Chelsea can’t be found. Summer thinks that Sally can’t be trusted. Adam tries to cover up what he’s done. 11/11 Rey investigates a clue. To get his story, Billy does something shady. 11/12 Paul finds out that someone is out for revenge. Sharon is forced to break a promise she made. Phyllis accidentally finds out something. 11/13 Amanda is confronted by Devon. Lauren gets the upper hand with Jack. Elena confesses something.

Dina’s death is this week’s Editor’s Choice for storyline.

Peter Bergman (Jack) is featured in an interview where he talks about his career on the show.

Christel Khalil (Lily) is interviewed in the short “Take Five” one page article.

SOD 11/9/20

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) decides to leave Adam after hearing him talk about how much he cares for Sharon. She sees Newman office plans on his laptop with red X’s and confronts him about it, but he denies that anything is wrong. She leaves, goes to the Chancellor Mansion and calls Chance. A masked man comes to her door and kidnaps her. The masked man is played by Egan’s real-life husband, Matt Katrosar, a CBS executive.

Courtney Hope (Sally) talks about joining the show.

Victor gets troubling news from Paul. Phyllis accidentally finds out someone’s secret. Elena is caught between Devon and Nate, not sure whom she’ll choose. Adam tries to cover up what he’s been doing.

Ratings, week of 10/5: 2.26.

Deborah Geffner plays a new lawyer, Gwendolyn Gardner, who works with the Abbotts 11/5.

Brittany Hodges (Lauren Woodland) returns 11/13.

Dane West plays young Adam again in a new flashback 11/11 and 11/12.

Summer is moping at the Jabot offices over Kyle when Sally Spectra drops by to see Lauren. Sally gets a little annoyed that Summer doesn’t recognize her name. Jack, however, recognize her name and greets her, which makes Sally feel better. Lauren is also happy to see her, since she’s a designer. Sally has a connection to someone else in town as well.

11/2 Chance wants Ashley to approve of him. Summer is warned by Lola. Jack has a hard time saying goodbye to Dina. 11/3 Nick tries hard to keep peace between Phyllis and Victoria. Victor has something to gain when he visits Chelsea. 11/4 Rey and Sharon talk about getting hitched. Adam goes too far. 11/5 Chloe is concerned about whether Chelsea is safe or not. Adam is threatened by Chance. When Dina’s will is ready, there is some arguing. 11/6 Lily tries to resist Billy. Victoria plans to trap Adam.

The show is given a Thumbs Down! for breaking up Kyle and Summer so easily.

November Sweeps Preview: Adam is having a tough time, and Victor will try to help him, despite blowback from the other Newmans (especially Victoria). Nikki loses patience with Adam as she tries to keep the peace. Chelsea keeps a big secret from everyone as she lives with Chloe and Kevin, who are caught in the middle of her drama. Chelsea is having a tough time moving on from Adam. Abby decides something about Chance, surprising everyone. When Dina’s will is contested, Jack and the others aren’t too happy. They band together to protect her legacy. Amanda and Devon grow closer, and he helps her figure out her past. Elena feels caught between the two men. Nate is struggling with maybe never being a surgeon again, thanks to what he and Elena did. There will be a big “whodunnit” story that everyone is involved with. Paul and Michael investigate. When Billy finds himself in the middle of the mystery instead of covering it, his relationship with Lily is challenged. Lily will step up to defend him and their company. Lauren hires Sally as her assistant, but Sally has other ideas about a much bigger position. Rey will also investigate the murder, which derails his marriage plans with Sharon. Faith’s behavior will be difficult for Nick and Sharon to deal with. When Phyllis tries to help Faith, it tests her relationship with Nick. Mariah gets suspicious of Faith’s friend, Jordan, and she tries to steer her away from him. Kyle tries to prove to Summer that he’s really over Lola. His rivalry with Theo will also become heated.

Danny Boaz (Chance) is featured in the short, one-page “Take Five” interview.

SOD 11/2/20

Billy suggests to Lily that they run a follow-up story about Adam. She points out that he doesn’t have any story, but he vows to dig up more dirt. Billy then flirts with her. Later, in the elevator, Lily decides to stop resisting his kiss.

Victor takes a risk to help Adam. Phyllis makes Victoria a deal. Chelsea is caught between a rock and a hard place. Sally Spectra 2.0 arrives in town.

Ratings week of 9/28: 2.18.

Sally Spectra will have connections to some people in town, including Lauren.

Jordan arrives 10/27 (Madison Thompson).

McKenna Grace (ex-Faith) will have a recurring role in “A Handmaid’s Tale” in season 4 on HULU.

Summer is not happy to see Kyle after he surprises her in her hotel room. He’s trying to do a big romantic gesture. He presents 4 silver-domed trays that each have a memento of their past history. Summer appears to be touched by the gesture. When Kyle insists that there’s nothing between him and Lola, Summer gets angry.

10/26 Victoria gets a phone call that makes her worry. Kevin is happy that Adam has fallen so far. 10/27 Elena tries to come to grips with her new life. Nick tries to help Phyllis but things don’t go well. 10/28 Jack wonders about Kyle’s ability to make decisions. Devon hears from Amanda about her past. Paul tells someone news that surprises them. 10/29 Theo is the object of Kyle’s anger. Chloe suggests to Chelsea that she make a fresh start. Adam cuts Victor out of his life. 10/30 Nate gets a reminder by someone of his past actions. Devon is asked for another chance by Elena.

Brytni Sarpy (Elena) is this week’s Performer of the Week.

Stars from each soap share their favorite things about Hallowen, including Sean Dominic (Nate), Camryn Grimes (Mariah) and Jordi Vilasuso (Rey).

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Jack breaking up a fight between Adam and Nick

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