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SID Spoilers: Elena Makes a Confession


SID Spoilers: Devon Confronts Nate

Sharon Case Previews What’s Next for Sharon

SID Spoilers: Elena and Nate Have Sex!

Max Ehrich (ex-Fen) is upset because singer Demi Lovato acts like they were never engaged.

Actress Madison Thompson has been cast as a new character named Jordan. More

Max Ehrich (ex-Fen) and singer Demi Lovato ended their engagement. More Spoilers

SID Spoilers: Trouble for Devon and Elena

SID Spoilers: Is Amanda Hilary’s twin?

Y&R will air a new episode Monday, September 7 – no pre-emptions for Labor Day. Spoilers

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers: Noah Returns!

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers: Adam Remembers!

Coronavirus outbreak at the studio

Courtney Hope joins Y&R

Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) explains why she’s wearing a wig  Spoilers

The show returns with new episodes next Monday, August 10! More


Classic Episodes This Week Focus on the Newman Family

Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) Reveals a Candid Photo of Herself in a Fertility Clinic

Max Ehrich (ex-Fen) just got engaged to singer Demi Lovato!

Fan Favorite Episodes This Week

Michael Muhney (ex-Adam) brings up old news in a Twitter rant

Young and The Restless Pushes Back Production Start Date

SID: Y&R Classics – Summer Fun!

Congratulations to all the Daytime Emmy winners! The show won for Outstanding Drama Series; Jason Thompson (Billy) won for Outstanding Lead Actor; Eva LaRue won for Outstanding Guest Performer; and Bryton James (Devon) won for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

If you missed the Daytime Emmys, you can watch it on or HULU Live TV if you’re subscribed to either of those…the first has a free trial. Also, CBS has a lot of clips of it on YouTube.

Y&R is hoping to start shooting again in July!

This week’s episodes celebrates past Emmy Wins. More

Daytime Emmy Nominations: Y&R is nominated for Outstanding Drama Series; Outstanding Writing Team for a Drama Series and Outstanding Directing Team for a Drama Series; Heather Tom (ex-Victoria, now on B&B) is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series; Jason Thompson (Billy) is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series; Christel Khalil (Lily) is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series; and Mark Grossman (Adam) and Bryton James (Devon) are nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Also, Y&R Kristoff St. John Tribute episode is nominated for “Outstanding Special Class Special.”  See the full list. The Daytime Emmys air June 26 on CBS. More Info

This week’s shows feature weddings! More

Hartley Sawyer  (ex-Kyle) was fired from his job on the CW show “The Flash” because of racist and misogynistic tweets from the past that came back to haunt him.  More Info

This week is “Romance Week.” More

Camryn Grimes (Mariah) came out as bisexual on social media. She wants to be the replacement for Ruby Rose, the lead for “Batwoman” on The CW, who is leaving the show. (Batwoman is a lesbian, if you don’t watch the show or haven’t read the comic)

The governor of California is allowing all TV series and movies to resume filming, starting June 12, but it depends on where they’re filming and what they work out with the unions.   More

Scoops and Spoilers

By Suzanne

SOD 10/26/20

Marla Adams (Dina) talks about leaving the show.

Guilt-ridden Elena tells Devon the truth after he suspects that she’s keeping something from him.

Elena tries to recover from what she did. Faith’s parents worry about her. Billy is asked for a favor by Phyllis. Lily gets warned by Victoria.

Ratings, week of 9/21: 2.12.

Lebron James bought the Beverly Hills home of the late show’s creator, Lee Philip Bell, for $36.8 million. It was built in the 30’s by actor Charles Boyer, RKO Pictures owned it for awhile, and Katherine Hepburn once lived in it.

Gloria shows up on Kevin and Chloe’s doorstep at the Chancellor mansion. She makes a big fuss over the baby, but Kevin knows that she wants something or is in trouble. Kevin phones Michael to let him know Gloria is in town. She gets offended when Kevin wants to know the real reason she’s returned.

10/19 Nick and Sharon worry about Faith. Something from Chance’s past hurts him. The Abbotts grieve for Dina. 10/20 Lily and Billy work on their relationship. Devon decides to do something. 10/21 When Phyllis has a crisis, she manages it. 10/22 Kyle gets a dose of reality from Mariah. Dina is honored by Jack. 10/23 Sharon and Rey plan their future. Adam is put on notice by Chelsea.

The show is given a Thumbs Down! for the story about Adam murdering someone years ago and Victor covering it up.

Nathan Purdee (ex-Nate) talks about what he’s each been up to.

SOD 10/19/20

Judith Chapman (Gloria) talks about her return to the show.

The Abbotts say goodbye to Dina. Jack wants to find the necklace (the Teardrop of Love) that they learned about from the movie. He hopes that it might bring Dina back to them for a proper goodbye as well as to give her some peace. Jack even discusses it with Victor. Traci is hit particularly hard by their mom’s imminent death because she didn’t get any closure. They’re able to give Dina her necklace before she dies. She passes peacefully.

Jack is helped by Lauren when he wants to get his family together. Nate is having trouble with his life right now. Someone or something from Kevin’s past returns. Chance is interviewed by someone.

Ratings for 9/14: 2.13

Cathy Marks and Jonathan Stoddard return as young John and Dina 10/16.

Hayley Erin (ex-Abby) married Adam Fergus in September.

Nate is worried when he gets a text from Devon to meet up, since he feels guilty for sleeping with Elena. Devon is just worried that something is up with Elena because she’s been so tense recently. Nate suggests that perhaps his relationship with Amanda is the reason. Nate tells Elena about the conversation, and she decides to tell Devon what happened.

10/12 Someone proposes something to Rey. Chloe suggests strongly to Chelsea that she break it off with Adam for good. Kyle is blamed by Phyllis. 10/13 Lily sets Amanda straight. Chance is investigated by Paul. 10/14 Billy’s bluff doesn’t work with Lily. Kyle keeps a secret. Sharon anxiously awaits to find out about her health. 10/15 Victor is Ashley’s confidante. Jack is rescued by Lauren.

In excerpts from their podcast, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) and Joshua Morrow (Nick) are featured.

SOD 10/12/20

Faith gets taunted by classmates after ChancComm’s article about Adam’s past comes out. Mariah is worried about her, so she tells Nick, who comes to the coffeehouse to talk to Faith. She tries to downplay her feelings but then confesses that she’s very upset about what Adam has done. She doesn’t understand how Sharon can forgive him. Nick tries to explain that it’s hard for people to give up family, but it’s hard for him because he hates Adam and doesn’t understand Victor’s loyalty to him. Nick is also angry that Victoria had a hand in the article.

Amanda and Lily have a serious talk. Victor helps Adam even more than before. Chloe and Kevin decide something important. Ashley is shocked by Abby.

Ratings, week of 9/7: 2.14

Chloe returns Oct. 5 and has her baby.

Scott Reeves (ex-Ryan) and his wife Missy became grandparents 9/18 when their son, Larry, and his wife, Olivia, welcomed their new son.

Chloe is pregnant and cranky, blaming Kevin for everything. Esther tells Chloe the story of her birth — how she gave birth to her on the staircase. Esther and Kevin then have a chat about how Chloe is so grumpy, but they’re interrupted by Chloe’s screams. She gives birth.

10/5 Nick finds out someone’s secret. Nate does a risky move. 10/6 Nikki confesses something. Lauren is surprised to hear about a connection she has with Jack. 10/7 Chance is shocked that Abby wants him to write Adam off. 10/8 Victoria plays in a powerful way. Victor and Nikki argue because of Adam. 10/9 Elena has a guilty conscience that is bothering her. Someone makes an interesting offer to Lily.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for pairing Theo and Lola but given a Thumbs Down! for taking it too slowly.

Actors from each show were polled to share what they’ve been into lately, including Hunter King (Summer) and Mishael Morgan (Amanda/Hilary).

Stacey Haiduk (ex-Patty) is featured in the one-page “Take Five” interview.

SOD 10/5/20

Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) returns to the show 10/5. The actress talks about her return.

Adam and Chelsea listen in on Billy via the bug she planted. He tells Lily about Alyssa’s article, “The Making of a Monster.” Adam phones Victor to let him know. Victor then threatens Billy, who is smug and not intimidated. He uploads the article, much to Lily’s horror, even though he hasn’t checked the sources to make sure it’s true.

Sharon recovers from her surgery. Victor and Nikki are on opposite sides about Adam. Nate does something risky. Kevin and Chloe wait for their baby to arrive.

Ratings, week of 8/31: 2.10

Judith Chapman (Gloria) returns later this month.

Max Ehrich (ex-Fen) will star in a new movie “Southern Gospel,” about a rock ‘n roll stars.

Elena dreams about Devon and Amanda having sex because of her insecurities. Devon can tell something is wrong, but she won’t tell him what’s bothering her. After she goes to the clinic, she gets upset and shares her concerns with Nate. This brings them closer, which confuses things.

9/28 Amanda is assisted by Phyllis in figuring things out. Jack has concerns about Summer and Kyle’s engagement. 9/29 Nick plots against Adam. Victor wonders if Victoria is loyal to him. 9/30 Chance and Abby discuss what will happen in their future. Lily learns that Amanda is Hilary’s sister. 10/1 Faith is protected by Sharon while Nikki tries to make things right. 10/2 A medical crisis impacts Nate and Amanda. Jack is pushed by Ashley to do the right thing.

The show is given a ThumbsDown! for Victoria wanting to get revenge on Victor for replacing her with Adam, even though she knows that he was being blackmailed and only wanting to protect his family.

Sharon Case looks back on some of Sharon’s most memorable stories.

An article features soaps’ young “rising stars,” including Tyler Johnson (Theo) and Donny Boaz (Chance).

Cait Fairbanks (Tessa) is featured in the short, one-page “Take Five” article.

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Jack breaking up a fight between Adam and Nick

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