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Note: Dates mentioned may not be accurate due to pre-emptions.

By Suzanne

Y&R 50th Anniversary logoCBS Shares More Exciting Details from the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Daytime’s #1 Drama The Young and The Restless  The cast looks back in brand new EPK footage, Paramount+ celebrates the series’ legacy, and a sneak peek at the upcoming anniversary storyline is revealed.  (March 13, 2023) – CBS’ longest-running scripted series, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (Y&R), celebrates five decades of romance and rivalry ahead of the series’ broadcast golden anniversary on March 26, 2023, and today reveals a new video of the cast reflecting on daytime’s #1 drama, a sneak peek of the dramatic storyline that will feature Genoa City’s fabulous residents and some returning guests, and how Paramount+ is honoring the show’s legacy. Cast members look back on their most meaningful moments from being on a series that has become a part of popular culture in this new video. Series stars Eric Braeden, Tracey Bregman, Eileen Davidson, Melody Thomas Scott and more reveal their favorite scenes to shoot, talk about Y&R’s special connection with their cross-generational audiences, and speak of the weight of tackling bold and relevant social issue stories. Plus, Paramount+ and have started counting down “25 days to 50,” where for 25 consecutive days, cast members are profiled and present a favorite scene from their time on the show. Melody Thomas Scott kicked it off – which can be previewed HERE – and with Eric Braeden, Kate Linder, Lauralee Bell, Beth Maitland, Jess Walton, and more, contributing up to the golden anniversary. The anniversary is celebrated on Y&R with special episodes beginning March 23, 2023, and you’re invited to the party of the year! Romance, intrigue, and suspense will take center stage as the residents of Genoa City celebrate the town’s bicentennial at a glamorous masquerade ball hosted by the iconic couple Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott). It will be a night to remember with visits from fan favorites and secrets are revealed, forever changing the lives for the residents of Genoa City. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS is broadcast on weekdays (12:30-1:30 PM, ET/11:30 AM-12:30 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network and is produced by Bell Dramatic Serial Company in association with Sony Pictures Television. Josh Griffith is the show’s executive producer and head writer.

Y&R 50th Anniversary 2023 Cast (small photo) Credit CBS. Click on the photo to see the larger pic!

SOD 3/27/23

Mishael Morgan (ex-Amanda) talks about her brief return to the show.

The town celebrates it’s bicentennial (as the show celebrates its 50th anniversary) with a ball, and this event will last about 2 weeks on the show, where much will happen. As noted before, many faces from the past will return. There will be many flashbacks, but there will also be a lot of drama about the present, with many twists and turns.

Devon asks Amanda to forgive him. Phyllis decides to act. Abby has to stand up for herself. Many people we know return for the big celebration.

Ratings, week of 2/20: 2.22.

Leanna (Barbara Crampton) will be returning to cause trouble, as usual. Veronica Redd (Mamie) is thrilled to be back for a visit.

When Jill returns to town, Victor asks her to stop by his ranch. She’s not happy when he suggests that she try to settle the lawsuit with Devon. He has an idea of how to fix things, which piques her interest.

3/20 Devon and Lily’s clashing leads to something that shocks them. Diane decides to try to catch Phyllis at her games. Nikki asks Traci for help. 3/21 Someone corners Devon. Elena gets manipulated by Audra into being annoyed. 3/22 Mamie returns. Jill enters in a grand way. Stark and Phyllis work together against Diane. 3/23 Nikki and Victor host the town’s bicentennial celebration. 3/24 The Newmans celebrate the past and Leanna comes back to Genoa City.

The show is given a Thumbs Down! for the way Adam is always angry at his family, despite progress he’s shown otherwise.

Executive Producer and Headwriter Josh Griffith talks about how the show is celebrating its 50 anniversary. Also, various Y&R actors share their favorite memory of the show, and there’s a Y&R quiz. Also, the new cast photo is shown.

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) is featured in the short, one-page “Take Five” interview. Spoilers This Week!

SOD 3/20/23

Diane and Jack are worried about how Kyle will react to their engagement. When Kyle finds out that Phyllis sent Jeremy to Europe, he calls and lets them know that they can return home. Diane hides her new ring so Kyle won’t see it at first. Kyle just wants to plan how they’ll handle Jeremy when he returns. He’s not happy to learn that they’re engaged because he worries it won’t last and that they’ll hurt each other again (despite Jack’s reassurances).

Sharon Case (Sharon) is featured in a short interview about her character.

Early Editions: Jill tries to fix something. Nikki prepares to have her photo taken. Nick falls for Adam’s manipulation and gets annoyed. Someone moves in to the Abbott mansion, surprising Jack.

Ratings, week of 2/13: 2.24.

Mishael Morgan (Amanda) returns to help celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary.

Elena is concerned about Nate and Victoria’s bond after hearing about their closeness from Audra. She doesn’t quite trust Audra, but she confronts Nate, who assures her that he and Victoria are just co-workers. Elena accepts what he says, for now.

3/13 Phyllis moves forward with her plan. 3/14 Phyllis’ bluff is called by Lauren. Something from Sally’s past rears its ugly head. 3/15 Adam gets a painful reminder from Nick. Victor learns something that is shocking.

An article talks about how certain actors’ lives were changed due to working in soaps, including Beth Maitland (Tracy) and Don Diamont (ex-Brad).

Conner Floyd (Chance) talks about playing a cop.

SOD 3/6/23

Jack proposes to Diane this week. They went to the Abbott cabin for safety, but it gave them some time alone. Jack is very happy and wants to move on with her. Diane is concerned with how her “drama” affects his life. Jeremy has sent her a threatening text to let her know that he knows where she’s hiding, but she doesn’t tell Jack about it. This affects her decision, which will shock everyone.

Early Editions: Lily has to make a difficult choice. Sally is warned by Summer. Nate goes too far. Victor makes a deal with someone.

Ratings, week of 1/30: 2.39.

Tricia Cast (Nina), Barbara Crampton (Leanna), Michael Damian (Danny), Veronica Redd (Mamie), Patty Weaver (Gina) and Mishael Morgan (Amand) will all be coming back for the show’s 50th anniversary in March.

Vail Bloom (Heather) has left the show for now. So has Lily Brooks O’Briant, who plays Heather and Daniels daughter, Lucy. Both characters went back to Portugal.

Jason Canela (ex-Arturo) became a father to a new daughter, Jovie, 2/10.

Summer gets annoyed when Sally lets her know that she’s pregnant, and with Nick (Summer’s dad). Summer thinks that Sally is just using Nick in order to keep Adam away. Summer meets with Nikki, who also isn’t happy to hear the news. They try to work together to keep Nick away from Sally.

2/27 Victoria and Nate try not to express their feelings to one another at work. Chelsea starts a new business. Lily and Devon get ready for a big fight. 2/28 Sally changes her mind about something. Adam gets an offer of a new venture from Victor. 3/1 Diane and Jack sneak off together. Tucker is interrogated by Devon. 3/2 Nate feels uneasy when Victoria does something. Abby tries to keep some family members from fighting. Lily decides to fight in a less-than-kosher way. 3/3 Sally gets a promise from Nick. Sharon gets some news from Mariah that she didn’t expect. Phyllis gets a message that worries her.

The show is given a Thumbs Down! for the writing, which makes Tucker look weak.

Jason Thompson (Billy) is featured in an interview where he talks about his years on GH and Y&R.

Some of the actors are asked about their favorite sports teams, including Susan Walters (Diane), who roots for The Georgia Bulldogs.

Beth Maitland (Traci) is featured in the short, one-page interview, “Take Five.”


The show will be pre-empted this Thursday, March 16, and Friday, March 17, for March Madness (just like every year!).

Soaphub Spoilers

SOD 2/27/23

Sally is shocked this week when she finds out who fathered her baby.

Early Editions: Lily concludes that her love life is very familiar to an earlier experience. Phyllis gets really angry. Ashley makes a show of force regarding work. Victor makes a bargain with someone.

Ratings, week of 1/23: 2.39

Sean Kanan (ex-Deacon) was nominated for an Indie Series Award for writing and producing the short-form streaming series “Studio City” (on Amazon), as well as some of the other actors, such as Tristan Rogers (ex-Colin). You should watch it if you haven’t already because it’s a good soap and also funny.

Tucker gets a big shock this week when Ashley buys up all of his company’s debts (before Newman Enterprises could do it). Ashley enjoys keeping Tucker off-balance.

2/20 Christine gives Devon legal advice. Daniel is warned by Heather. Victor helps Adam by showing strength. 2/22 Audria is interrogated by Victoria. 2/23 Billy wants to do something new, so Jack helps him. Summer is begged by Kyle for forgiveness. Victor follows through on a promise he made. 2/24 Diane receives a message that isn’t easy to understand. Daniel decides something that’s tough. When Nate tries to make peace with his family, it doesn’t go well.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for the special episode celebrating Tracey E. Bregman’s 40th anniversary on the show (playing Lauren).

Some of the shows’ most beautiful women are saluted and asked questions about their beauty, including Cait Fairbanks (Tessa) and Christel Khalil (Lily).

Courtney Hope (Sally) is featured in the short, one-page “Take Five” interview.

Sally’s Baby Daddy Revealed

Are Adam’s Days Numbered?

SOD 2/13/23

Vail Bloom talks about her return as Heather.

After finding out that Phyllis flew to Portugal to speak with his ex, Daniel blows up at his mom.

Early Editions: Jeremy gets threatened by Victor. Tucker confesses something. Daniel looks into his past. Ashley comes home.

Ratings, week of 1/9: 2.28.

Tatyana Ali (ex-Roxanne) guest-stars on season 2 of “Bel-Air” on Peacock. She plays Mrs. Hughes, Ashley’s English teacher. In the original series, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” she played Ashley.

Christian J. LeBlanc (Michael) was in the ER over Christmas because of an infection in his finger. He had no cut or wound to explain it. His doctor gave him antibiotics, but they didn’t work, so things got worse. He went to Urgent Care, who sent him to the ER. They fixed the problem, but his fingernail had to be removed. It will grow back eventually. His hand is now wrapped in scenes.

Nate feels guilty about kissing Victoria, even though he’s also dreaming about their kiss. He tries to bring it up to Victoria, but she doesn’t want to talk about it.

2/6 Jill and Lily decide where to go next. Devon is blamed by Daniel for his work delays. Nick gets a demand from Adam for the truth. 2/7 Chloe tries hard to keep a secret. Jack is targeted by Victor. 2/8 Sally is rescued by Nick. Tucker makes a deal with someone that might be a big risk. Nate’s loyalty is tested by Victor. 2/9 Victoria confides the truth to someone. Sally has had it with Diane. Victor tells someone what he has planned for Adam.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for the way they broke up Billy and Lily.

February preview: Victor targets Tucker, who is having financial troubles. He tries to take over his company, which may mean that Adam will return to the family. Nikki works on a public project for a special town event that everyone will recognize. Ashley tries to move on from Tucker but has a difficult time. She does have a plan and might be in total control of the situation. There is a big twist in the rivalry between Diane and Phyllis. Phyllis tries to find more help with getting rid of Diane. Diane is corned by Nikki when she goes too far. Summer and Kyle have more drama in their romance when he works with Victor, bringing out his darker side. They also continue to argue about their moms. Sally hopes to make the right decision for her fetus as she learns who the babydaddy is. Nate tries to stay faithful to Elena, but Victoria has her eye on him. Someone else tries to escalate the situation. Chelsea and Billy have a tenuous relationship because of recent events. Tess or Mariah will get doubts about whether motherhood is really the right idea and how it will change their lives. Sharon will support them as well as grow closer to Chance. Devon and Lily continue to butt heads. Daniel gets some shocking news when his ex-wife, Heather, arrives in town with daughter Lucy.

How Far Will Diane Go?

SOD 1/30/23

Quinn Redeker (ex-Rex) passed away in December at age 88.

Kyle figures out that Jack and Diane are sleeping together, and it really throws him for a loop.

Early Editions: Sally confides in someone. Victoria does something that makes her uncomfortable. Phyllis gets good advice from Lauren. Kyle and Victor work together against Adam.

Ratings, week of 12/26: 2.41.

Vail Bloom returns as Heather, Paul’s daughter and Daniel’s ex, along with her now-older daughter, Lucy (played by Lily Brooks O’Briant). Judith Chapman (Gloria) appears again 1/25. Julian Larach plays Trey, who works for Fenmore’s and meets up with Lauren. Zach Tinker returns as Fen 1/25.

Shemar Moore (Malcolm) is going to have a baby girl, due 2/8, with his girlfriend Jesireee Dizon.

Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman) is getting a special episode, similar to the one they did for Michael (Christian Le Blanc), to celebrate her 40 years on the show. Lauren gets a Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership in Fashion (although we don’t see the awards ceremony). Of course, they will show many clips from the past.

1/23 Diane’s plot is found out by Nikki. Victor takes revenge against someone. 1/24 Lily and Devon have a hard time seeing eye-to-eye. Chelsea and Billy talk about where they go from here. Daniel gets a promise from Phyllis. 1/26 Phyllis tries to be charming. Tucker goes too far. 1/27 Tucker is riled up by Victoria. Chelsea lends Billy an ear when he has to get something off his chest. Victor plots to make his business interests larger.

The show is given a Thumbs Down! for paring Sharon and Chance together.

Tracey E. Bregman looks back on her 40 years on the show in an interview.

Actors share their personal preferences about things, including Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe), Camryn Grimes (Mariah), Don Diamont (ex-Brad) and Zach Tinker (Fen).

SOD 1/23/23

Sally has morning sickness in her hotel suite when she’s supposed to have an important meeting with Jill and Chloe. Chloe gets her some anti-nausea medicine. Meanwhile, Nick shows up and sees her looking sick and still in her bathrobe. He doesn’t buy her excuses, so Chloe leaves them alone. He guesses that she’s pregnant, so she’s forced to admit it.

Early Editions: What Audra wants to do makes Elena suspicious. Kyle and Summer argue because of Diane. Victor goes to Jill for a favor that he feels she owes him. Laurn has to come to terms with something in her past.

Ratings, week of 12/19: 2.42.

Zach Tinker will return as Fen 1/25 (he was last on the show in 2019).

The show’s Co-Executive Producer, Anthony Morina, has left after 16 years. Josh Griffith, who’s also the head-writer, will now be the only EP.

Christian LeBlanc (Michael) injured his hand and was in the ER. He said that he was “run down by a reindeer.” In another article, he talks about his character.

After Jack steals Nikki’s necklace, he and Diane go forward with their plan, with help from Kyle. Summer objects to the plan, and his involvement in it. He’s caught between his wife and his mom. Jack and Diane hope that their plan will work to bring down Jeremy.

1/16 Devon decides something that’s very painful. Victor tries to fix things with Adam. 1/17 Chance gets help from Sharon when he’s wondering about his life. Summer and Daniel don’t agree about something. 1/18 Jill tries to get Devon and Lily to play nice. Tucker is called out by Phyllis. 1/19 Tessa and Mariah come back with news that isn’t unexpected. Lily and Billy deal with their issues. 1/20 Jack and Diane are grilled by Nikki. Kyle gets encouragement from Victor to do things in an underhanded way.

The show was given a Thumbs Down! for making Jack seem so easily led by Diane, making him look gullible.

Stars from each show are asked questions about their plans for the new year, including Michael Graziadei (Daniel), Courtney Hope (Sally) and Bryton James (Devon).

Lauralee Bell (Chris) is featured in the short, one-page interview “Take Five.”

SOD 1/16/23

Lily and Devon argue about whether to take the company public. Devon wants to keep it for his son someday, so he doesn’t want to go public. He suggests to Jill and Lily that he buy back his part. They reject his offer because it will weaken their IPO. Neither of them really wants to fight, though. Lily comes up with a different plan, which Jill likes. Devon is left not knowing what to think.

Early Edition: Sharon lends Chance a friendly shoulder. Victor starts a new plan. Phyllis is the subject of concern by Summer and Daniel. Diane risks a lot.

Ratings, week of 12/12: 2.41

Michael Damian (Danny) has finished filming his scenes but may return again.

Eric Braeden (Victor) had knee replacement surgery.

Michael Mealor (Kyle) and his girlfriend, Sasha, are engaged.

Kyle is supposed to meet up with Victor, who is late, when he sees Adam drowning his sorrows. Kyle brings up sore points with Adam on purpose. Victor arrives and greets Kyle nicely but mostly ignores Adam. Victor and Kyle get a table and discuss Victor’s plan to get rid of Adam from Jabot.

1/9 Phyllis learns something that shocks her. Tucker learns something he didn’t expect from Ashley. 1/10 Phyllis tries to make up with Summer. Someone sends Jill a message that is disturbing. In helping Diane, Jack takes a big risk. 1/11 Lily and Devon disagree about their work crisis. Abby gets a dose of reality from Chance. Victor gets impatient with Adam. 1/12 Lily gets a promise from Daniel. Chloe sets out to trap Nick. 1/13 Tucker gets the straight truth from Ashley. Nikki is set up as a target by Diane. Victor visits his enemy.

The show is given a Thumbs Down! for how Adam and Sally broke up, which didn’t make much sense.

Devon makes a shocking accusation

Y&R will be pre-empted Friday 12/30/22 due to the Sunbowl; a repeat of the 1991 masquerade episode will air (it previously re-aired 4/17/20).

Y&R will be pre-empted Thursday, 11/24 and Friday, 11/25 due to Thanksgiving!

Michael Graziadei (Daniel) is returning to Y&R soon, according to SID!

Sorry for the lack of updates..we’ve been busy with lots of TV interviews. More coming soon!

Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), Vincent Irizarry (ex-David), Eva La Rue (Celeste), Eden Riegel (ex-Heather), Chrishell Stause (ex-Bethany), Steve Burton (ex-Dylan) and many other soap stars appeared in “ABC Daytime: Back on Broadway” which was streamed Thursday, Feb. 11. You can see it now on YouTube. Spoilers

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Jack breaking up a fight between Adam and Nick

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