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Y&R will be pre-empted Thursday, 11/24 and Friday, 11/25 due to Thanksgiving!


Michael Graziadei (Daniel) is returning to Y&R soon, according to SID!

Sorry for the lack of updates..we’ve been busy with lots of TV interviews. More coming soon!

This special tonight talks about the Y&R 50th anniversary.CBS Fall Preview Special- Friday, 9/16 (9:00PM – 9:30PM ET) A preview of the 2022 Fall CBS primetime programming.

Happy Memorial Day! No re-runs or pre-emptions for the soaps today, Sept. 5!

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers: Is Ashland Dead?

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers: Victor Threatens Ashland!

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers: Adam’s Revenge!

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers: Ashland Plots Revenge!

All of the soaps will air Monday, July 4th!

Congratulations to Y&R for winning the Emmy for “Outstanding Original Song” (“Grateful For It All”) and “Outstanding Casting;” and to Mishael Morgan (Amanda), who won the Daytime Emmy for “Outstanding Lead Performance in a Daytime Drama, Actress.” See the full list! Spoilers

The Daytime Emmy Awards telecast will be presented live at 9 p.m. on Friday, June 24, on CBS and on Paramount+.

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers: Gloria Has a Plan!

You can watch The 49th Daytime Emmys Creative Arts & Lifestyle Ceremony here! (It wasn’t televised)

The show was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for: Outstanding Daytime Drama Series; Outstanding Lead Actress (Mishael Morgan, Amanda); Outstanding Lead Actor (Peter Bergman-Jack and Jason Thompson-Billy); Outstanding Supporting Actress (Melissa Ordway-Abby); Outstanding Supporting Actor (Jordi Vilasuso-ex-Rey and Bryton James-Devon); Outstanding Younger Performer (Alyvia Alyn Lind-ex-Faith); Outstanding Guest Performer (Ptosha Storey-Naya); Outstanding Writing Team; Outstanding Directing Team; Outstanding Casting; Outstanding Original Song (for “Grateful For It All” and “Next to You”); Outstanding Technical Team, Camera Work and Video; Outstanding Lighting Direction; Outstanding Art Direction, Set Direction and Scenic Design; and Outstanding Costume Design/Styling. See the full list!

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers: Jill Returns!

Today’s Y&R (Monday, June 13) was postponed due to congressional hearings. It will air tomorrow, Tuesday, 6/14. Spoilers

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers: Mariah and Tessa Marry!

Diane Is Arrested!

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers: Phyllis Confronts Diane!

CBS soaps will be pre-empted Thursday, March The 17th and Friday, March The 18th due to March Madness (basketball).

Exclusive! Sean Kanan (ex-Deacon) Interview!

Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), Vincent Irizarry (ex-David), Eva La Rue (Celeste), Eden Riegel (ex-Heather), Chrishell Stause (ex-Bethany), Steve Burton (ex-Dylan) and many other soap stars appeared in “ABC Daytime: Back on Broadway” which was streamed Thursday, Feb. 11. You can see it now on YouTube. Spoilers

Scoops and Spoilers

Note: Dates mentioned may not be accurate due to pre-emptions.

By Suzanne

SOD 8/1/22

Victoria is attacked by Ashland. She lets him in her house, so he can say goodbye and leave town. She’s worried, though, because Adam has warned her that Ashland may come after her. Ashland gets upset and talks about what she’s done to him. She worries that she’s in danger. Things get heated between them. She tries to fight him off with an object that she grabs. Nick arrives, however, but Ashland tells him to leave. They get into a fight. Something serious happens.

Early Editions: Victoria bares her soul to her ex, Billy. Devon makes Nate feel impatient. Nick tries to be charming. Victor makes sure no one can blame him.

Ratings, week of 6/27: 2.23.

Ashland’s henchman, Stannis (Bill Sebastian) has finished his work and left the show.

Phyllis still doesn’t buy that Diane has changed, even though everyone else does, so she’s working hard to get her out of town. She conspires with Nikki to get someone inside Marchetti to sabotage Diane’s work, so Phyllis decides to do it, since Summer has already asked her to work with her. Phyllis takes a break from running the hotel and meets with Summer. Summer is suspicious at first.

7/25 Jack starts to thaw toward Diane. Adam gets counseling from Sharon. Victor tries to control some bad things that happened. 7/27 Someone gives Michael something new to do. Adam is asked by Sally if they can start over. Victor works to cover something up. 7/28 Victor tries to protect the things most important to him. Someone gets bad news from Nick. Phyllis’ reasons are questioned by Summer. 7/29 Tessa doesn’t know that Mariah is keeping a secret. Harrison is protected by Kyle. When Nick has a moral quandry, Nikki help shim.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for the way Victoria turned things around on Ashland.

Various actors share their preferences, including Mishael Morgan (Amanda) and Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe).

Joshua Morrow is featured in the short, one page, “Take Five” interview.

Steve Burton (ex-Dylan) is getting divorced from his wife, Sheree, after 23 years of marriage. She’s expecting a child from someone else. They share 3 children.

SOD 7/25/22

Nick thinks Victoria could be in danger from Ashland, but she’s not worried. She finds Ashland at home, staring at her, so she threatens to call the cops. She is disturbed, even though he swears that he means her no harm but says that he has nothing left to lose. Nick shares his worry about her with Billy. Billy is also worried, but Nick doesn’t want him getting involved with his family again. He advises him to mind his own business. He wants to handle this with Victor. Nick goes to Victoria’s house and sees the lights are on, but no one answers his knock. He prepares to leave, but he’s still worried, so he goes in through the back door. What will he find?

Early Editions: Devon and Nate have troubles at work getting along. Kyle tells someone bad news. Sally gets advice she didn’t ask for from Nick. Victor decides to do something instead of leaving it up to someone else.

Ratings, week of 6/20: 2.08.

Sean Carrigan (ex-Stitch) will return to “All-American” on The CW this coming year in an expanded role.

Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Alex) will be seen in the first episode of “Firefly Lane” when the show returns for its second season on Netflix later this year.

Brytni Sarpi (ex-Elena) and Robert Adamson (ex-Noah) will be appearing in a new horror film, “The Final Rose,” with other soap stars Roger Howarth, Brittany Underwood and Robert Palmer Watkins.

Adam breaks up with Sally so she won’t be fired by Victoria from Newman Media. Although he is being noble, she doesn’t believe him. He tries to be cruel to her in order to convince her, but she figures out what he’s doing and tells him to stop it. Will he keep it up?

7/18 Tessa confesses something. Noah decides something that’s difficult for him. 7/19 Phyllis plans how to get back at someone (probably Diane). Nikki makes a deal with someone. 7/20 Allies hears some friendly advice from Jack. Phyllis and Ashley have an argument. Sally’s loyalty is tested by Victoria. 7/21 Phyllis and Jack discuss where they are in their association. Adam’s motives are questioned by Victor. 7/22 Someone visits Victoria that she doesn’t expect.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for reviving Nate’s character by putting him in business with Chancellor-Winters.

Loren Lott (ex-Ana) is featured in an article “Catching Up” where she talks about what she’s been doing since she left the show. Michael Roark (ex-Travis) is also featured in the same article.

Actors were asked to compare themselves to their characters, including Camryn Grimes (Mariah) and Courtney Hope (Sally).

SOD 7/18/22

Lauren is shocked to find out that Chelsea is quitting and doesn’t have any of the promised designs for the upcoming winter collection. Lauren is more sympathetic when Chelsea explains that she’s dealing with risks to her mental health. Chelsea has to put her emotional health first, so she’s walking from all of the stress in her life, including the fashion business (and especially former partner Chloe). She runs into Billy, who thanks her for the advice she gave him before about his podcast. He asks her what she thought of it, and she tells him honestly that it was boring and needs humor. He invites her to join him in the podcast, since she’s so helpful and out of a job. Chelsea is excited about the idea of becoming his co-host.

Early Editions: Sally gets an unexpected shock from Adam. Someone corners Ashland. Nick decides to do something rather than relying on someone else to take care of it. Jack is stunned by Ashley.

Ratings, week of 6/13: 2.27.

Peter Bergman (Jack) has just signed a new contract with the show for 5 years.

Nick goes back to Newman, accepting Victoria’s offer to be COO. He wants to keep peace in their family, although he’s a bit sorry that Adam is losing his temporary CEO gig. Nick is also worried that Ashland might try to get revenge.

Sneak Preview: 7/11 Billy tries to use his podcast to get some revenge (there’s a real shocker). Victoria tries to push for power. Michael is given a new assignment by Victor that is challenging. 7/12 Summer gets warned by Nikki. Phyllis decides to try a new tactic. Allie is charmed by Noah. 7/13 Someone traps Nate. Victor considers whether he should restart Newman Enterprises. 7/14 In order to help Sally, Adam sacrifices something important to him. Noah has to decide something important, so Sharon helps him. 7/15 Diane apologizes sincerely to someone. Imani makes Lily distrustful. Michael and Nikki argue about something.

The show is given a Thumbs Down! for Billy’s podcast story.

An article with many photos looks back on the behind-the-scenes events at the Daytime Emmys last month.

SOD 7/11/22

Chloe is offered the job of COO at Newman Media by Sally. Chelsea and Chloe haven’t been getting along well since Chelsea returned. Chloe knows that Chelsea is falling apart, but she’s losing her patience. Sally has had a lot of sympathy for Chloe. Chloe is shocked to get the job offer and knows that she has to act on it right away, despite what Chelsea might think.

Early Editions: Adam goes back to being a bad boy. Diane gets targeted by Nikki. Imani decides to trap someone. Ashland is cornered by Victor.

Ratings, week of 6/6: 2.34.

Elena’s help is asked for by Tessa. She has to have surgery to remove nodules on her vocal cords. Tessa has to tell Kyle that her concert tour has been postponed after he excitedly announces that he has tickets to one of the concerts. Mariah and Tessa haven’t told anyone else yet about Tessa’s problem. Kyle suggests they get a second opinion, so they visit Elena. Tessa’s Uncle Jett once had the same condition and was treated by Elena. He’s a “singing legend.”

7/4 Things don’t go well when Summer tries to help her mom. When Allie has to make an important decision, Jack helps her. 7/5 Ashland seeks revenge. Lily thinks about expanding her business interests. Billy and Nick wonder why Victoria is being so secretive. 7/6 Phyllis regrets deciding something. Victor figures out what’s going on with Ashland. 7/7 Chelsea confesses something. Nick gets advice from Nikki. Adam is made to toe the line by Victor. 7/8 Nick gets sent in the right direction by Sharon. Sally wonders if she and Adam have a future. Nikki demands that Jack give her answers.

SOD 7/4/22

Ashland and Victoria are eager to start their own media company. He’s found a building that was previously used by a failed media company. She’s had a lawyer draw up papers for their incorporation, and they decide that the name is Destiny Media. She proposes that he match her $250 million (which is the same amount that he got from Victor for being bought out of the former company). They both act like they’re in love and happy, but Victoria has another agenda.

Early Edition: Phyllis gets angry. Chelsea decides what to do with her future. Things don’t go as Ashland planned. Victor throws his weight around.

Ratings, week of 5/30: 2.34.

Imani tries to mess with Elena and Nate’s relationship. First, Elena drops by Chancellor-Winters for lunch, but Imani tells her that he’s out with Devon. She makes a snarky comment about how she knows his whereabouts more than Elena, his girlfriend. Later, Imani is asked by Nate to get Elena out of her Newman Media contract so that she can host a medical podcast for their company (as Devon wishes). He hopes this can be done before Elena comes back from her conference in Hawaii. Head writer Josh Griffith hints that Imani may try something while Elena is gone; she doesn’t want her joining their company.

6/27 Nick wants to go somewhere else. An unexpected issue occurs for Tessa. Jack doesn’t back down from Phyllis. 6/28 Sally and Adam celebrate winning. Billy is urged by Lily to try a new tactic. Victor tells someone about his new idea. 6/29 Chelsea looks at the possibility of change. Diane tries to get Jack to have sympathy for her. Nate asks Imani to do something for him. 6/30 Victoria gets caught doing something she shouldn’t. Someone tests Nick’s loyalty. 7/1 Ashland is shocked when he finds out something. Chloe and Chelsea get angry at each other. Adam gets an ultimatum from Victor.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for having Victoria and Ashland reconcile.

An article has stars from each show talking about their summer preferences, including Allison Lanier (Summer), Michael Mealor (Kyle) and Brytni Sarpy (Elena).

Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) is featured in the short, one-page interview “Take Five.”

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Jack breaking up a fight between Adam and Nick

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