B&B Short Recap Tuesday, August 25, 2020

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Recap by Lori

At Brooke’s house…Bill professes his love for Brooke, as Ridge is starting to make his way downstairs (unbeknownst to Bill or Brooke). Brooke tells Bill that she’ll never forget the time they had spent together and a part of her will always love him for the rest of her life – Ridge hears this and silently turns around and returns to the bedroom, but he doesn’t hear the rest of the conversation – that the man Brooke truly loves and wants to spend the rest of her life with is Ridge. In the bedroom, Ridge is haunted by Brooke’s words to Bill – the only words he heard. After Bill leaves, Donna stops by to check in on Brooke. Brooke tells her sister that she’s not ready to give up on Ridge right now; they love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Ridge is now outside, reflecting on past fights he’s had with Bill and the recent video of Bill and Brooke’s kiss. Inside, Brooke and Donna are wrapping up their conversation, as Brooke tells Donna that Ridge is at Shauna’s now, “shoving the annulment papers in her face.” They wonder aloud how Shauna could’ve gotten Ridge drunk enough to marry her, then their conversation turns to the kiss with Bill. Brooke admits that while the kiss didn’t mean anything to her, she’s not so sure about Bill, as he was just there before Donna arrived. Donna asks if Bill told her he loved her and Brooke acknowledges that he did, and glad that Ridge wasn’t there to hear it; she wants tonight to be special and to celebrate their reunion. But, back outside, Ridge is still stewing about the video of the kiss and overhearing Bill professing his love to Brooke. Donna has left and Brooke is now upstairs, getting ready for her what she thinks will be a romantic evening with Ridge. She lies on the bed and waits for his return…

At the Forrester mansion, Shauna and Quinn are discussing Bill’s possible whereabouts. Quinn is pretty convinced he’s at Brooke’s succeeding in winning her back – if anyone can prevent a Brooke-and-Ridge reconciliation, she declares, it’s Bill. Shauna says she meant every word of her vows to Ridge, but she doesn’t want the reason for him to stay with her to be because he’s afraid of Brooke fighting her attraction to Bill. Quinn assures her that as long as Bill is in the picture, Ridge is going to walk away from Brooke. Shauna shares that she actually feels sorry for Brooke, but Quinn argues there’s nothing to feel sorry for, as Brooke has been trying to destroy her marriage to Eric since the beginning. “Brooke Logan is about to find out what many have learned before her: that I am the most dangerous person in the room. Always.” Shauna wants to be realistic that Brooke is still part of the family and reminds Quinn that if Brooke finds out about their secret she’s going to go straight to Eric. Quinn encourages her friend that she will be with Ridge and it’s probably going to happen tonight, and then decides to leave Shauna alone so she can get ready for her reunion with Ridge. As Shauna is looking back on her Vegas night with Ridge, he walks in (with the annulment papers in-hand). She tells Ridge she’s missed him and asks if he’s alright. He puts the annulment papers in his back pocket then replies, “My wife.” She tells him, yes, she’s his wife and he’s home. He takes her hand and leads her upstairs, as a gleeful Quinn watches from a distance.

At Spencer Publications, Bill is drinking his scotch and thinking about happy times with Brooke, like kissing her and their wedding.

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