B&B Best Lines Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Quinn on B&B 082620


Quinn: Pour me one of those. I feel like celebrating.
Bill: Get back on your broomstick and fly the hell out of here while you still have the chance.


Bill: Security, come up to my office and escort Ms. Fuller out of the building.
Quinn: Okay, first of all, you’re being ridiculous. I’m Mrs. Forrester, not Ms. Fuller.
Bill: Correction– throw Mrs. Forrester out on her ass.


Quinn: I am going to be happy for my friend Shauna for wedding and bedding Ridge.
Bill: You don’t know for a fact that she’s sleeping with Ridge.
Quinn: I know for a fact that she didn’t go upstairs with him to play canasta, as much as I know for a fact that Brooke and
Ridge are not gonna have a reunion. Their destiny has finally come to a screeching halt.



Bill on B&B 08262020

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