B&B Best Lines Friday, August 28, 2020

Shauna on B&B 082820


Shauna: You know, I don’t want to put any gasoline on this fire, but I would really like for you to take a deep breath and remember who you’re talking to.
Brooke: I know exactly who I’m talking to. You’re very transparent. Remember that night in Bikini? Ridge and I had just had an argument. He went there. He got drunk. And you show up. So you start drinking with him. Then he passes out, and you’re kind enough to go take him upstairs and watch him, stay with him all night. Ridge does remember everything about that night. But he doesn’t remember one damn thing about your wedding night. So how does that make you feel that Ridge doesn’t remember professing his love to you, saying those vows to you?
Shauna: He wasn’t drunk tonight.
Brooke: He was upset. He was hurt.
Shauna: Yeah. Because of you. I am Mrs. Ridge Forrester, and I know it horrifies you to hear that, but it’s true. So you can resent me and berate me, but do not question my motives. Everything I’ve ever done is because of my love for Ridge, and I never would have married him if I didn’t think he loves me. I am the woman he wants to be with. I am the woman that can bring the joy and the fulfillment that he never got from you because you were too busy kissing other men, professing your undying love for them. But Ridge chose me because he knows he never has to question my commitment to him
Brooke: I really can’t stand this holier-than-thou attitude. There’s nothing worse than a slut from the desert.



Brooke on B&B 082820

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