B&B Short Recap Friday, August 28, 2020

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Recap by Lori

At Spencer Publications, Katie is trying to come to terms with what she overheard Bill tell Quinn. She’s bewildered and asks Bill how he could have been calling and texting her, and telling her how much he wanted to give them another chance, and yet, at the same time, he was going to her sister’s and professing his love for her. They agree to talk about it. She wants to know if he meant what he said when he told her sister that he loves her, but he deflects. He tells Katie that his feelings for her haven’t changed. But, Katie retorts that clearly his feelings for her sister haven’t changed either and he needed to make sure she (Brooke) knew that. Bill says he can’t deny what happened tonight, but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love her. Katie sadly says she knows he loves her, and that’s what makes this so hard – because she loves him, too, but she can’t let him hurt her anymore. Bill tells Katie it was never his intention to hurt her. She knows this, but she also knows that this isn’t about her – it’s about Brooke – it’s always been about Brooke, and they can’t pretend that’s not true. Katie tells him she didn’t think she was able to face the truth before, but now she is – “And the truth is…we’re over.”

Downstairs at the Forrester mansion, Shauna and Quinn are talking about Brooke and Ridge, who are upstairs in Ridge’s bedroom… Shauna doesn’t think Ridge is going to take Brooke back and after what she says Brooke saw, she highly doubts that Brooke will ask him to. Brooke tells Ridge that she knows what she said to Bill hurt him (Ridge), and she’s sorry for that – coming there and finding Ridge with Shauna, and Shauna laying on his bed, hurts her, too – enough that she wants to run out of there, but she’s not going to. She wants to talk about what happened and how he could turn to Shauna. Brooke thought he was giving Shauna the annulment papers and that they’d worked everything out. Ridge thought they’d worked everything out, too, and that they decided that Bill wasn’t going to be a problem for them anymore. Ridge doesn’t understand how Brooke could still love the one man that he despises more than anyone in the world. Meanwhile, Quinn reminds Shauna that Brooke is no longer Mrs. Ridge Forrester – Shauna is, and she should be relishing the moment. Back upstairs, Ridge is recounting everything that Bill has done to their family and to Katie, and if Brooke’s okay with that, and loves Bill so much, she should go to him. But Brooke doesn’t want to be with Bill. “Here we are,” she laments, “we’re fighting all over again. Why? When all we really wanna do is love each other.” Brooke then goes downstairs and comes face-to-face with Shauna. The two women have a verbal showdown, trading insults and taunts over who’s now Mrs. Ridge Forrester versus who Ridge loves and always will – while Ridge is upstairs having recollections back and forth about the time he’s recently shared with Brooke and Shauna.

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