B&B Short Recap Tuesday, September 8, 2020

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Recap by Lori

At Spencer Publications, Bill and Justin are bantering about their social lives and just when the topic turns to Brooke still being hung up on Ridge, Ridge barges in. Ridge wants to know if Bill plans to make another play for Brooke, because if he is, they’re going to have a problem. Justin excuses himself and then Bill and Ridge start verbally attacking each other. Ridge says he cares about Brooke and will always protect her from guys like Bill, while Bill calls him a hypocrite for thinking he can still run roughshod over Brooke’s life when he’s married to another woman – and if Ridge really cared about Brooke, he’d get on with his new life with Shauna.

At the cabin, Hope and Liam are waiting for Donna to return with the kids from the beach. Hope acknowledges that Steffy isn’t going to like that Kelly’s coming home even later, and Liam agrees the sooner Kelly’s back in her mother’s arms, the better off Steffy will be. Brooke walks in when Liam is about to call Steffy and let her know that Kelly will be home. Brooke asks if everything’s okay. Hope fills her in on her recent visit with Steffy, when she showed up without Kelly, and shares that it broke her heart to see Steffy hurt and grimacing in pain. She mentions that Finn, Steffy’s doctor, showed up to check in on her and Steffy was eager for her to leave, wanting to speak to her doctor alone. Brooke wonders if there’s more going on there. Then, the conversation turns to Brooke and how she’s doing since her breakup with Ridge. Brooke admits it’s been really painful and shocking, but she doesn’t want them to worry about her; the important thing is that they’re happy and healthy and they have a wonderful family, and she couldn’t be happier for them. After Brooke leaves, Liam notes that she seems to be doing better, but he can tell Hope’s still worried about her. Hope sighs in acknowledgement then adds that Brooke was right about one thing – this is a special time for them and their family, and she loves their life together. She feels bad for Steffy, but says they will be there for her to help her and make sure she gets through this. Meanwhile, at the cliff house, Steffy begs Finn to refill her prescription. She hates relying on medication of any kind, but she has an active little girl who needs her mother to do things with her. Finn is being compassionate and understanding, but he’s also adamantly denying her request. He wants to help her but tells her “this isn’t the way”. She is in agonizing pain. She pleads with him – he’s the only person who can help her – what good is she to her daughter that way? Finn empathizes with what she’s going through, but he’s very concerned about her becoming too overly dependent and he cautions her about opioid addiction. Finn encourages Steffy to talk about her family. They talk about the complicated history she has with Hope, where she thought Hope and Liam’s baby was hers, then she talks about her mother and then losing her sister in the horrific car accident. They agree that she’s been through some challenging times, and this is another challenging time – she’s a mother who is mourning the loss of her family – Finn reminds her that taking painkillers to help cope isn’t the answer. Finn appreciates Steffy opening up to him – her trust means a lot to him – and she tells him that she does trust him. Finn gets a phone call from a patient and has to leave. He hands Steffy a piece of paper. She’s thinking it’s a prescription refill, but instead he gives her a “different kind of medicine” – his direct line phone number. He wants her to reach out for help anytime.

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