B&B Short Recap Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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Recap by Lori

At the Forrester mansion, Eric has invited Brooke over to discuss her relationship with Ridge while Quinn isn’t home. Eric tells Brooke he’s been thinking about her and he’s not so certain that she should move on yet; he hasn’t given up on her and Ridge and doesn’t think she should either. Brooke still finds it so unbelievable that Ridge could have reacted so impulsively by running off to Vegas and marrying Shauna. She recounts how she had decided to move past it and how they were going to work things out, until Ridge overheard her talking to Bill, misconstruing what she said, and then running right back to Shauna. She asks Eric if Ridge is doing this to punish her or if he really has feelings for Shauna. Eric replies that only Ridge can answer, and then he encourages her to rise above the past, focus on the future and the love that she and Ridge have for each other. Brooke acknowledges that if Quinn heard what Eric was saying she’d be livid. Eric agrees – Quinn only wants what’s best for her friend. But Brooke says it’s more than that – Quinn loves to see her miserable – Eric just doesn’t see his wife the same way that she does. Eric, again, tells Brooke to keep fighting for what she wants with Ridge. Eric has left for the office but Brooke is still there when Ridge arrives. Brooke tells him that Eric wanted to see her and Ridge admits that his father has always been in their corner and so has her sister. Ridge asks how they always end up like this. Brooke blames Quinn and Shauna and believes there’s more to what happened the night Ridge married Shauna – it’s just a feeling she has. Meanwhile, at Shauna’s apartment, Shauna and Quinn are sorting through her things, preparing for her move to the Forrester estate. Shauna gushes that she’s still blown away, being married to “the one and only Ridge Forrester”. The women relate about coming from humble circumstances, working late nights at the casino, to now both being married to Forrester men. Shauna still can’t believe that this is her life now – she feels so lucky – but then she starts having guilt pangs that it was all built on a lie and a secret. Quinn scolds Shauna and tells her to stop thinking about what happened in Vegas – it’s too late to turn back now. But Shauna can’t put it out of her mind – and what if Eric and Brooke find out? Quinn insists that no one is ever going to know their secret. Back at the Forrester mansion, Brooke takes responsibility for what she did and tells Ridge that him being with Shauna is wrong – the woman that he loves and will always love is standing in front of him, and it isn’t Shauna. Quinn has returned home and is upstairs, eavesdropping. She calls Shauna and tells her to get over to the Forrester mansion right now, while Brooke urges Ridge to join her in moving past all of this and forget about everything that happened. She asks him to take her hand and go home together.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Zoe are doing a fitting. He tells her that after everything that happened with Thomas, he’s glad she’s talking to Carter. Just as they wrap up their conversation, Katie interrupts to go over some marketing ideas for the new fall campaign. Ridge quickly changes the topic to their respective relationships, being betrayed by the same people. Katie tells him that she’s just trying to live her life – that’s all she can do for her son and herself. She adds that she was happy with Bill, living together as a family only for him to ruin it again. She declares that she’s done with both Bill and Brooke for all of the indignity, humiliation and embarrassment. Katie admits that she’s in shock about everything – Brooke and Bill and now Ridge is married to Shauna now… She muses that Ridge usually thinks things through – is he sure this isn’t a midlife crisis? She wants him to be sure that he’s making the right decision because she know that despite the kiss with Bill, the only man Brooke really wants is Ridge. Katie defends her sister, then asks Ridge if he’s really going to honor the drunken marriage that he doesn’t even remember. A little later, Eric arrives and finds Katie in his office. He’s surprised to see her and asks how she’s doing. Their conversation quickly turns to Brooke and Ridge and they both realize they agree that Ridge is the only man Brooke will ever truly want.

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