B&B Short Recap Thursday, September 10, 2020

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Recap by Lori

At Spencer Publications, Shauna greets Wyatt with a gift of his favorite homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. She’s thanking him for making her daughter happy. Shauna gets a phone call from Quinn but lets it go to voicemail.  Meanwhile, at the Forrester mansion, downstairs Brooke is urging Ridge to go home with her and forget his marriage to Shauna, while upstairs Quinn is quietly leaving a voicemail to someone (at this point, the viewers don’t know who) telling them to drop everything they’re doing and get over there and hurry – she says “It’s Brooke. I’m really worried.” Ridge says he was ready to annul his marriage to Shauna until he overheard Brooke tell Bill that she’ll always love him. Brooke admits that a part of her does love Bill, just like a part of Ridge will always love Shauna, but that doesn’t mean anything; she can’t stand the thought of him with Shauna. Just then, Quinn comes downstairs and tells Brooke she can’t stand the thought of her being in her house. Brooke tells Quinn to leave and they get into a verbal altercation while Ridge watches. Just as the conversation gets even more heated, Bill barges in and asks if Brooke is all right. Of course, Bill’s arrival doesn’t sit well with Ridge, who decides that he’s heard enough and walks out. Brooke wants to know why Bill is there, then surmises that Quinn is behind it. Bill’s confused because he got Quinn’s message telling him that Brooke needed help and it sounded urgent. Quinn is very pleased with herself – she knows Bill didn’t want a Brooke and Ridge reunion any more than she did. But Bill doesn’t want to be any part of her plan. After Bill leaves, Shauna walks in. She got Quinn’s message – about the paint color for her and Ridge’s room. Quinn doesn’t want to talk about paint colors, though. She wants to talk about Brooke’s visit, how Brooke was there pleading with Ridge to end his marriage to Shauna, and then Bill came over. Quinn knows that Brooke isn’t going to give up, but she knows “how to put the final nail in the coffin of Ridge and Brooke.”

At Forrester Creations, Eric and Katie are discussing Brooke and Ridge’s relationship. Katie believes that they should be and ultimately will be together and Eric agrees. Katie’s concerned that his support might cause problems for him at home with Quinn, since Ridge is married to Shauna, Quinn’s best friend. Eric thinks Quinn learned her lesson from uploading the video of Bill and Brooke, so if Ridge decides to reconcile with Brooke, Quinn won’t get in the way. Katie is getting ready to leave, and Eric asks her if she has lunch plans. She tells him she does – with Donna – and then tells Eric she thought that he and Donna made a sweet couple. Eric reminds Katie that he’s a happily married man, and even though she has every reason to be upset with Quinn, Quinn is his wife and he loves her. Katie understands what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone that most people don’t like, but then adds that she doesn’t trust Quinn and wouldn’t put it past her to do anything and everything to keep Brooke and Ridge apart. A little later, Ridge blasts past Eric into his (the designer’s) office. He’s upset and explains to Eric that Brooke tried to convince him to be with her but it failed because Bill walked in.

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