B&B Best Lines Monday, September 21, 2020

Hope on B&B 092120


Hope: Look, I’m secure in my relationship with Liam– our bond, our marriage. We’re–we’re in a good place. I’m more so worried about Steffy. I mean, if anyone deserves a freaking break, it’s her. And you know what? This handsome doctor might be exactly what the doctor ordered.
Thomas: I see what you did there.
Hope: Mm-hmm. Comedy gold in this one right here.
Thomas: You should go on tour. That was good.
Thomas: Look, Steffy… has gone through so much as it is. I mean, she had her child, the one that she thought was hers, taken away from her and given to her actual mother, which was you. And then Liam’s gone. And she’s there in her house alone. Okay? And she’s trying to pretend like it doesn’t matter. It’s—it’s just burying herself in work and trying to follow Kelly around and acting like an emotional life doesn’t matter. And then to top all that off, Bill, with his ridiculous spray tan, comes along, and hits her while she’s on her motorcycle. And so, on top of the emotional pain that she’s dealing with, now she’s got this immense physical pain.



Thomas on B&B 092120

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