B&B Best Lines Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Hope on B&B 092220


Thomas: Oh, man. Is my son a natural or what? He is going to be a pro, I’m telling you.
Hope: I think Douglas might be a little bit young for that as of right now, but he certainly loves playing catch with his dad.
Thomas: And his mom. You throw a pretty wicked curveball, by the way. Yeah, we just, uh– we’re gonna put him straight into baseball. He’s gonna rise up the ranks, you know, maybe MVP, then go into pros. Who knows if we’re gonna do college first? We gotta make a decision on that. Now I’m just talking to myself. Sorry. What are you doing?
Hope: I am setting a timer. I told Douglas he could play outside just a little while longer, but then it is… the dreaded bath time.
Thomas: Oh, no. Douglas hates the bath time.
Hope: Yes, but what future star Dodgers pitcher doesn’t?
Thomas: [ Exhales ] Well, Douglas is playing with his lizard friend again.
Hope: Oh, is he?
Thomas: Mm-hmm.
Hope: You know what he named him? His name is Arlo.
Thomas: Arlo. That’s such an interesting name. I wonder where he picked that up. [ Laughs ] You know, I actually tried to meet Arlo. Didn’t work too well. He ran straight up a tree.



Thomas on B&B 092220

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