B&B Short Recap Monday, September 28, 2020

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Recap by Lori

At the cabin, Liam and Hope talk about Steffy and their decision to have Kelly stay with them to keep her safe from Steffy. Liam’s mad at himself for not seeing the trouble Steffy was in earlier. Finn arrives. Liam invited him over so he could break the news about what’s happening with Steffy. Finn is shocked. He asks how Steffy reacted when Liam found the pills, and Liam tells him that she didn’t deny she was using them. When Liam explains why he had to take Kelly away from Steffy, Finn doesn’t disagree with what he did, but he is concerned that it could be a huge emotional setback – especially considering what happened when the truth came out about Beth – and it could make Steffy feel the need to use even more. Finn asks if anyone’s spoken to Steffy today. Hope and Liam tell him that Ridge stayed with her overnight – Hope muses that she wouldn’t be surprised if Ridge refuses to leave until Steffy’s completely off the meds. They tell him about how Steffy’s personality changed and that she pulled a knife on them. Finn acknowledges that those are signs of someone struggling with addiction. Finn suggests that maybe he can get through to Steffy. Liam thinks they should all come together and try to convince Steffy to get the help she needs. Finn agrees. Liam and Finn decide to go to Steffy’s and show a united front.

Meanwhile, Ridge stayed overnight with Steffy at the cliff house. She wakes up and finds him still there. He didn’t want to leave her alone. When he asks how she’s feeling, she replies that he knows how she feels – Hope and Liam stole her baby. Ridge corrects her – Hope and Liam didn’t steal her baby – they’re taking care of her until Steffy’s able to. Steffy gets defensive. Ridge reassures her that he wasn’t implying she’s a bad mother – she’s an amazing parent when she’s not taking pain medication. He pleads that she’s got to stop, and not for him or even for herself, but for her little girl. Steffy tells him he’s blowing the situation way out of proportion – she’s not some addict – if she was an actual addict, she reasons, all of this would be hidden. Ridge tells her she’s in denial and if she doesn’t admit that there’s a problem, there’s no way to fix it. So, she tells him he’s right – she does have a problem, and he can help her – he can go over to Brooke’s house and bring her daughter home to her because not having her daughter with her is the only problem she has. Ridge empathizes. He gets that she’s been through a lot and that maybe she wants to be able to depend on being able to take a pill to help her get through the day. Steffy’s adamant that she’s not dependent on the pills and she’s not an addict – she accuses Ridge of siding with Liam and Hope. Ridge argues that that no one is siding with anyone – they all love her and are trying to get her better – she needs rehab. Steffy launches into a rage, then grabs her keys and starts heading for the door. She’s going to get daughter and bring her home. But Ridge stops her – she’s not going anywhere until she admits she has a problem and gets help. As their arguing escalates, Liam arrives. Steffy asks if he brought Kelly. He says no – he brought someone else, though. Finn walks in. He tells her that Liam is very concerned and called him, and after what he’s heard, he’s concerned, too. Steffy tries to downplay the situation. She says she needs a little help a bit longer to get her over this hump; she’ll be fine. Finn asks where she got the drugs, but she yells that she doesn’t have to tell him, then she orders all of them to leave. Liam gently tells her he loves her and wouldn’t lie to her – she’s got a big problem, and none of this is her fault – she was hurt in an accident and managing her pain got away from her, and now they’ve got to deal with it. Taking Kelly wasn’t permanent – he wants Kelly back with her as soon as possible – then he urges her to use Kelly as a motivator to get help. Steffy desperately pleads – there is no help; she needs her pills.

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