GH Short Recap Monday, October 12, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Elizabeth finds Franco in a room with Scott at GH. Scott explains that it is payday. She is not sure that she likes how they went about this. She reminds them that they could go to prison over this. Scott thinks that she culd have done something about this a while back if she thought that. Nikolas shows up at the hospital and asks where Kevin is. Britt shows up and tells Nikolas that Kevin is in his office. Nikolas thinks that working for a drug lord should be a problem for her. Britt thinks that her father was nothing like Cyrus. Nikolas saw Scott go behind his back and into the elevator.

Ava sits with Julian and wonders how he managed to get into Cyrus’ radar. Ava is not going to divorce Nikolas to keep Ryan from saying anything. Nikolas shows up. Julian tells him that he is busy. Dante shows up at Lulu’s house and wants to come in. Dustin walks in and puts his shirt on. Dante enters the house. Dante tries to twist Dante’s arm. Dante took out a gun. Lulu tells him to stop. Dante snapped out of it and realizes that it was a dream. Dante realizes that Lulu is with him and is happy for her. Ned finds Olivia and Alexis talking. he is surprised. Carly offers to get Gladys a room but she still thinks that Brando should work for Sonny.

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