B&B Short Recap Friday October 16, 2020

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Recap written by Mark

While at Steffy’s place, Liam wonders if getting involved with Doctor Finn is going to be an unhealthy choice. Finn returns, says that he forgot his phone and chastises Liam for not believing in Steffy. The good doctor tells him that it’s Steffy’s choice on whether or not she wants to date Finn – not Liam’s. Once Steffy goes and looks in on her daughter, Liam tells Finn that he has the right to voice his concerns. Finn counters with the fact that he doesn’t owe Liam anything. After Liam leaves, Finn reassures Steffy that he would be good for her and Kelly. They kiss.

At Forrester, Hope tells Thomas that Liam is over at Steffy’s, ranting. Zende enters, looking for Zoe. Hope opens up a little and tells Zende that she doesn’t like how Liam is too over-bearing where Finn is concerned, with regards to Steffy. Thomas jumps in and says that Liam is probably jealous because Steffy and Finn are dating. Hope approves of Finn and Steffy possibly becoming a couple. Thomas understands why Liam is hesitant, due to Kelly. Zende just wants to be sure Hope was all right. Zende says that he has been designing in Europe. At Carter’s new loft, Zoe turns down his offer of moving in because she has abandonment issues. Carter is hopeful that she’ll think about moving in at some point. Zoe is back at Forrester. Thomas hits his head on Pam’s desk. He then tells Zoe that he is okay. Thomas says Zende is a great addition. Liam joins Hope, and they argue over Steffy and Finn’s blossoming relationship. Hope accuses Liam of being jealous.

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