GH Short Recap Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Ava sees a rose that Nikolas has left for her at Wyndemere. Nikolas comes over and she has a knife behind her. He asks why she lured him out here. She thinks that he still wants Elizabeth. He thinks that they only have a history at this point. Nikolas agrees to the divorce. They go inside to handle the paperwork. He explains that she can have all the material things she wants or she can have him. He admits that this was a gable to have her admit her feelings. The two have sex. Epiphany finds Franco at GH and he is eating chocolate. She starts to rant about missing her job. Elizabeth runs into Willow who tells her that she is trying to become a nurse. Willow tells her that she and Michael are looking to annul their marriage.

Nina and Sasha find Carly hugging Jax at Nina’s house. Sasha wants to leave but Nina insists that she stay. Carly barges in and questions Sasha. Jax promises Nina that Carly wasn’t trying to cause a scene today. Sasha thanks Nina and calls her deeler. Chase finds Brook Lynn. She says that she will be out of his hair soon. Epiphany tells Elizabeth that her and Milo are breaking up. He has been traveling. They are growing apart.

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