GH Short Recap Friday, November 20, 202

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Anthony

Molly and Sam wait at Alexis’ house. Molly thinks that Kristina should be here. Sam knows that Alexis is out of control and Kristina is not a good fit for that. Diane shows up. Valentin also is there. Valentin explains that he wants to make sure that Alexis is ok. He has a unique perspective on things. Dante punches a bag at the gym. Sonny finds him and asks if he wants to talk. Sonny knew that Dante was struggling since he came back. Dante admits he misses Lulu. He cannot just stay away.

Elizabeth and Franco talk about getting dinner. Franco is not sure about eating after those test results. Elizabeth reminds Franco that she loves him. She is not going to let him go. Laura and Lulu sit and talk about how Lulu still loves Dante. She feels guilty. Laura reminds Lulu that she cannot erase history. Jason and Danny play pool together. Danny thinks that Alexis has been acting weird. Cam and Dev hang out together as a distraction from Franco.

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