GH Short Recap Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

On Sonny’s plane he discusses his plan with Jordan and Curtis. Jordan wants Cyrus’ hold over her to be done with. Curtis needs to get information to prove he is a criminal. Jordan thinks that she needs to get back to PC before Cyrus gets more suspicious. Jason and Sonny discuss Julian. Sonny thinks that he had stayed out of things when Julian killed Duke. Then when he slashed Alexis’ throat. That was taking things too far. Sonny thinks that Julian has to pay. Jason thinks that Julian could name information on Cyrus. Julian continues to pack when Ava gets back home. He asks if Lulu is dead. Ava thinks she might well be. Ava gets angry at Julian. She feels that he should have known that Cyrus would lie to him. Julian thought he had no choice. Julian thinks he will leave. Ava says he won’t. She points a gun at him. Julian begs Ava to let him leave. Ava chooses Nikolas. She tells Julian to kneel. Julian wanted to tell his children he loved them. Ava thinks it was a sacrifice. Ava thinks they would see each other someday and it wouldn’t be in Heaven.

Maxie gets off an elevator at GH. She sees Brando who is looking at Dev’s driver’s license. She asks if he needs help. He says he is good. Cyrus wants to know about Lulu’s condition. Portia thinks that every patient gets special care in this hospital. Laura finds Lulu’s room as Dante and Nikolas sow up. Laura thinks about when Lulu was a baby. Tracy gives Laura a cup of coffee from Kelly’s. Laura thanks her for being here. Tracy explains that she couldn’t find Luke. Charlotte and Valentin come to visit. Charlotte asks what will happen. Nina shows up and hugs her. Charlotte and Nina go together to visit Lulu.

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