GH Short Recap Wednesday, December 9, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Sasha and Willow see each other in the park. Sasha admits that she has stopped using drugs. She thought that she needed to get things open. Willow asks if she was talking about lying about sleeping with Chase. Willow thinks that she never had a lot of friends growing up. She thought that the four of them had a fun time together. She had a real girlfriend. Carly finds Michael at the Q mansion. He explains that Wllow and him are still married. Carly wants him to take time to sort this all out. Curtis tells Jordan that they are so lucky to have found each other back in their lives.

Sonny and Diane talk about getting the truth out of Martin for his connection to Cyrus. Martin asks what it had to do with him. Diane thinks that Julian never would have thought of a bomb. Cyrus and Laura ended up in stalls next to one another at a shotting range. Cyrus admits to Laura that he was shocked to see he here. Sam tells Jason that she thinks she has to let things go wth Jason.

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